Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A day off to enjoy.

We finally took a day to do some shopping and ventured out on our own. We took the auto rickshaw to Linking Road, Bandra, where there are miles of shoes, clothes and purses for the eyes to see. We took a short break for lunch at the local KFC and spent the rest of the time shaking our heads 'No thank you, just looking' and kept walking along the uneven and congested roads. Its a very unique shopping experience with shop keepers constantly coming out and wanting you to come into their huts as well as the child beggars tugging on your clothes and tapping you for any small bit of money. The heat and humidity are almost unbearable and Gerry carries around a hand towel everywhere we go, so the funniest site to see was the locals trying to sell us these tiny little handkerchiefs to wipe the sweat off. Its like sensory overload, but we managed to last 3 hours before heading back for a dip in the indoor hotel pool.

We are dying to find out what is happening on our favorite TV shows, Lost, Survivor and Big Brother as we pretty much just get Hindi channels in the evening. We dearly miss our girl Frankie but we were able to hear her howl to us on the speaker phone this weekend while my best friend Jackie was over at our house for a visit.

Thursday's embryo transfer can't come quick enough for us.

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Makes you appreciate the good ole' American mall huh? So what did you buy? We ate at KFC in China. I have learned that KFC really is everywhere in the world. Who knew? Can't wait to hear good news!!

Anonymous said...

How funny to see the KFC cup on the table! Tomorrow is the big day - can't wait to hear about your experience!!!

Stick embies, stick!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a nice healthy meal. KFC ?? glad to hear frankie is good. i'm sure she will be a little pissed when you guys get home. ruth and i are happy things moving along nicely for the 2 of you. make sure you guys "blog" after thursday.. we are so happy for the 2 of you.

oh, by the way gerry. f%$k the habs.


take care


The Millers said...

Hey Guys! Love the pic of Dad and the McDelivery bike! Nick's going to love that one! I can only imagine the rate Dad was sweating!! I bet he loses 20lbs in fluid alone!! Can't wait to hear how things progress well today, and just enough stick to make everyone happy!! Love you both, and I hope you feel our love and prayers every where you go!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add another "Good luck!!!!!!" for today - can't wait to hear how it goes!


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Thanks for following! We bought purses (souvenirs), a scarf and a pair of shoes for me. Mostly just looked around.

Your support means so very much thanks.

Thanks for visiting. Miss you guys tons!

Love you. Thanks for all the prayers. We really do feel everyones love, support and prayers. Keeping our fingers crossed.