Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Journey ends here!

Just received the call from the Doc and our results were NEGATIVE. Sorry to disappoint everyone. I know you were all hoping for good news as were we. I suppose I am just not meant to be a mother. My life has been so full of disappointments, over and over again. Hands down this is the biggest of them all.

I imagine God isn't listening these days. Thank you all, again.

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The Millers said...

I love you guys.

Angela Burrill said...

Rhonda and Gerry, I'm so very sorry that you didn't get the results that you wanted (and so very much deserve). Our thoughts are with you.

Karen said...

Rhonda...I've come over from AAS and read thru alot of your blog tonight. I'm so very sorry that your results were negative today. Are there plans for the future? Surrogacy and IVF is so very tricky, the variables make it a big gamble. But I can attest...I am a surrogate...I carried a little boy named Garrett for two amazing people (like yourselves)...and he was conceived after a DECADE of struggles...IUIs and IVFs on mom, then three transfers with surrogate #1 and three transfers with me (I conceived on the 3rd try). I want to offer to you to not give up hope. Miracles happen! They don't always happen on our timeline, but they happen on His...they do happen!! {BIG HUGS} tonight. Email me if you want to talk.