Saturday, April 12, 2008

We made it back from our Coastal adventure.

Well we are back safe and sound and VERY tired. We had an absolutely wonderful time in Sindhudurg with our Indian host family. What an experience! Will write more details and download all the photos in the next day or so. Just resting up for Monday's retrieval. I am FULL of follicles. Found out today 12 in total. GREAT news for us! Wednesday is the transfer and I will be able to go in with our surrogate during the procedure.

Thanks to you all for your wonderful support and comments. We truly do feel the love and prayers that you send our way.

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Anonymous said...

Hey: Looks like things are going well huh? Good stuff. We love you both very much and have been thinking of you guys every day.
Take care.

Cheryl, Keith, Lauren and Jesse.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely best of luck for the retrieval and transfer. You've got a great number of follicles! Remember to tell the surrogate to have McDonalds french fries after the transfer. They swear it works on SMO.

Lisa and Nik (down under)

ps - say hello to Sudhir for me!

The Millers said...

Hey Guys,
Great to hear everything is going so great! I will be praying for you both today!!
Miss you and love you tons!

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Love you all so much!

Lisa, Sudhir was happy to hear your hello. He is so amazing in person, you will LOVE him.

Anonymous said...

Hi you two,
Thank you so much for the phone call this morning. I am keeping you in my prayers and heart. I just know that Monday will bring you lots of joy as you prepare to start your family. Also I do believe that it is someones Anniversary? You definitely will remember this one !
God Bless.
We love you both lots Mom & Dad XXOO