Saturday, November 1, 2008

People who don't even know you???

Why do people make anonymous comments on blogs when it is on stuff they know nothing about??? They make it seem like you are a terrible person for sharing your feelings. They judge you without knowing the whole story (or even a small bit of the story).

Anyone wishing to make comments on our blog please sign your name, nothing is more frustrating for someone to take the time and effort to share, pour out their feeling and really put themselves out there for the world to see only to have someone bash them and be cowardly about it.

If you want your comments posted then you will all have to put yourself out there just as we have so generously done so.

For the person you seems to 'know me so well'. For the record...Have I been selfish and consumed in my journey?...ABSOLUTELY! But, I have NEVER forgot any one of my friends or family during this time, in fact, it has been just the opposite. When you can really use someone to lean on and they abandon you in your toughest of times because they are wrapped up in there own lives and what is important to them...then you can only question the true meaning of friendship. For me, friendship is a 2 way street, if you are there when they need you most, they should only return the favor.

You don't have to agree with either of our opinions or what we have to say, but be kind enough to sign your name. Thanks,

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Anonymous said...

The fact that you can't figure out who this is proves my point. I do know the story, I think that I was more than supportive of you in your journey....whatever...i still wish you both the best

Joy said...

It was approximately a month ago someone had done a simliar thing to you on your blog... its crazy. You are right, its your blog and the least people can do is post their name and be respectful. I completely get it.

Jaymee said...

thank you for sharing of yourself so freely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda:

I read your blog everyday it seems to me the person who is writing to you and not leaving their name is someone who does know you and pretty well and doesn't know how to talk you about it. Don't sweat the small stuff- just work on bringing a healthly baby home!!!

Amani said...

Oh gee Rhonda, is it the same idiot or a new tripper?

I've been fortunate enough not to get any visitors from the moral high ground post to my blog - yet. The day I do, I'll bet you it is an anonymous post.

Gutless jerks.

Carrie Jo said...


I am so sorry that your blog isn't the safe space that it should be...and that people don't have the guts to just work through an issue in person. Keep thinking of all of the people you have helped, though. I know that I count myself as one of them.

Mike and Mike said...

Dear Anonymous,

Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes, people push people away unintentionally due to some misunderstanding. They have one idea of what happened, whilst the other person has another idea.

Mike and I lost touch with a very good friend over a dispute we had and didn't talk to him for 4 years. We realized we missed his friendship and sent him a letter to mend fences (this was before e-mail was so ubiquitous). He is now, once again a very important part of our lives. And guess what, he had a completely different idea of what happened between us than we did. The point...we made the effort.

You can't mend fences if you don't know who this person is or what you did. Don't assume Rhonda would know who you are. And frankly, your postings are childish. If you're really a friend, then send her an e-mail if you feel you can't talk to her directly. Make the effort.

Otherwise, I suggest you abandon such cowardly and hurtful tactics just because you're angry. I'm pretty sure Rhonda would prefer to deal with her own 2-year-old, not an anonymous 2-year-old.

Mike A.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Who needs a best girlfriend when you got 'The Mike's'??? You guys are the greatest. Luv ya,

Rick said...


Isn't it possible to just simply turn off anonymous commenting? Frankly, if you can't stand by your comment, you shouldn't make it. IMO it shows cowardice.


jojo said...


You are the coolest of the cool, the hippest of the hip, the nowest of the now. You've got loads of buddies who you've helped and supported and loved every single day. I consider myself to be one of your galpals - even though we're thousands of miles away.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

You are all so very sweet. I vote we have one big 'baby' party somewhere (we will even be the hosts here in AZ) when we all get our babies via surrogacy and invite all our loyal supporters. It would be like a family reunion as I consider you all an extended family.