Sunday, December 21, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

What a fabulous day of listening to Christmas carols and wrapping, wrapping, wrapping gifts!

We are anxiously awaiting our Docs to receive the parcel. They promised to go to our surro's home and hand deliver everything and translate our card to them. I sure hope it makes it on time.

We should also be receiving news and photos on our egg donors scans. It's all very exciting especially during this time of year.

I just love Christmas!!!

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Sending our best wishes for SUCCESS!!
Have a Merry Christmas and Joyful 2009!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Venn and family :-)

collettered said...

I am a total stranger to you but happened upon your website as my kids were in bed early and I was bored. I am being a surrogate for my friends and am due in 6 weeks with thier precious girl. Your blog struck me as you live close. I am in Gilbert. I wish you all the best and pray your family will begin soon. Happy Holidays.
Collette Graziani

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hopefully you will get the news that you have been wishing for soon. We are doing well here-Mark is home and his mom is here too for the holidays. I love you both. Say hi to my big brother for me and hopefully we will talk over Christmas on the phone. I know that you guys are busy. So are we-shoveling all the snow!!

Take care. Love Rhonda, Mark and Justin xxoo