Sunday, December 7, 2008

Everyone has a purpose.

Took me a long time to grasp this, but I realized very recently that by having started this blog it has brought so much joy, help and inspiration to others then I could ever have imagined. I go back to one of my first posts about 'Biting the bullet with hesitation' for fear of publicly dealing with failure and look how far we have come since then. Has it been hard?...for sure, but I can't begin to tell you the overwhelming amount of support and love we have received, as well as 'thank you's' from people literally all over the world. Who would have thought that by pouring our hearts and souls out on the computer that others would follow along and actually get something out of our blog? Certainly not me!!! We truly are just simple and plain people struggling like many others to have a family. It is amazing at the impact we have had. I am constantly blown away! Never in a million years would I have ever imagined the number of people we have helped in their own journeys either here on the blog or on our Support Group Forum. It kind of just hit me the other day when the Docs and some other people along with my hubby said, 'Look at all the people who look to you for support and guidance, and everyone you have helped.' I just kind of let it roll off my shoulders before and their comments really hit home. I am humbled by all these people and never intended to be a 'Pioneer' as others have called me. It has made all of this entire crazy, roller coaster of a ride I call a journey all worth while.

Whatever the outcome, I have had a purpose and it feels good.

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Tigerlilycat said...

I think 'big sister' sums up what you are for so many as we look up to you and gladly follow in your footsteps. Mum and Dad (Dr Yash and Dr Sudhir) will always love and cherish you the most (being their "first born" and all), but they're amazing parents who've also got time to spend on all of the annoying siblings (ie us!) they keep adding to the family! :)

Amani said...

Hey - what's a bit of public humiliation when you're sending ripples of hope around the world? Bob and I would not be doing this if you hadn't bravely gone forth and done it first. And if we weren't doing this and blogging, people wouldn't find us and regain their hope. You've done something quite amazing my dear friend.

jojo said...

Dearest Rhonda

You and the SI docs have brought light where there was darkness. You've enabled people to connect and share their experiences. You are the buzziest of all the bumble bees!

This is such a full-on, crazy thing to be doing, but you've made it seem so possible.

I love you so much. And you are definitely a lil angel here on earth. I hope with all my heart that we can give you a child.