Sunday, February 1, 2009

Okay, so I cracked....

I bought something! Just a little does it really count? Just a great big stuffed elephant from IKEA, that I just COULDN'T resist! I know, I know, I totally went against my word! But...I couldn't resist and it reminds me of India.

Then, I went into work on Monday morning to find a gift bag stuffed with gifts sitting on my desk from my good friend and assistant Jo . She tried to pull one over on me, by saying, 'Well, you said that YOU weren't buying anything, but you didn't say WE couldn't! Then she said, well, you can leave it in the garage if you want, I won't be insulted! She is way too cute! She truly has been such a huge fan of our blog and an even bigger support to me since we first met in April.

Today, it's Super Bowl Sunday and it will be interesting this year. With Dad, a die-hard Pittsburg Steelers fan playing our very own home town Arizona Cardinals it is sure to make it a fun time at our home in front of the big screen TV, watching and cheering on each team and enjoying Mom's home made chilli.

In the meantime we are keeping busy. Gerry's 24 hours off from the Fire Station are spent trying to convince me 'that the next 7 months will go by very quickly, so he REALLY needs to start work on the nursery.' I came home the other day to see our 'office' (which I am now required to refer to as 'the baby's room') empty. He just makes me laugh. I did however purchase the Baby Bargains Book on Amazon (Thanks Mike's) to keep him occupied. So far it has helped as now I get phone calls from him while he is at work about 'no bumper pads in the crib' and the 'best car seat' to purchase. I think he has almost read the entire thing.

We also have been doing some finishing touches on our home decorating. We took our hand made Indian elephant rug we purchased while in Jaipur, and had it framed. The shop owner in Jaipur told us that it took 2 men, 15 days of stitching by hand to complete and we literally paid only a few dollars for it. In fact the framing cost at least 10 times the amount, but it was so worth it to have this beautiful keepsake preserved for us to enjoy daily. This picture of it on the wall totally doesn't do it justice as the elephant is actually sewn to be 3 dimensional. When you all come to visit you will truly be able to see how beautiful it is.

Last night was a fun time. We met S & J and talked non-stop over supper about their clinic Rotunda, and our clinic SI, Mumbai, Indian food and so much more. What wonderful people they are and we had so much to talk about. We were able to show them pictures on our I-touch right there at the restaurant of Dr. Soni (who will deliver their baby) and of the Hiranandani Hospital where their baby will be born (and are's too!!). Funny enough, we also found out they will be picking up their little one at the same time as other members of our extended surrogacy family, The Mike's. It truly makes you realize what a very small world we live in.

Well, gotta run it almost time for the pre-game Super Bowl show.... GO CARDINALS!!!!! (shhhh, Don't tell Dad.)

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Rick said...

Aw man, now I have to hide this posting from my wife. She has the same elephant idea for decorating the baby room. I'm totally on board with it but I'm putting efforts into keeping us from buying things right now..

All that said, thanks for your help and support over the last few months. I can't wait to see your children when they come into this world..

Best Wishes,
Rick and Miyako

kristin said...

Thats a beautiful rug that you got framed...its so crazy to think of how hard the Indian's work for so little..different work ethics they have....The superbowl, I didn't get to watch, who won!well talk with you both soon, love you!


Anonymous said...

Rhonda And Gerry,
I know how much Rhonda wanted to wait to buy anthing, but I had these baby things for awhile and my daughter kept bugging me to give them to you. I am sooo happy and wish you all the best. A child is the greatest gift anyone can get.

Jennifer said...

I've been following your blog for a while - I got linked into it from the Yahoo MA board. I am so excited that you guys are 7 weeks along! I teared up the day that I saw you were pg - I had been checking the blog every day to see how the transfer went.

Looking forward to reading more as your pregnancy progresses...always great to see a fellow MA chick and hubby getting to realize their dream of a kiddo!

(plus, it's cool to hear about your experiences in India!)