Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Opening up our hearts to tell our story.

Yep, our Chatelaine magazine article is out... its the featured story in the June issue (an 8 page spread). We were SO surprised! We both feel it was well written, considering most articles about surrogacy tend to be very negative. We especially like how it told 'our' story. Both Gerry and I have received a lot of positive feed back, mainly from

people who live in Canada who have seen the article. A bunch of people didn't even know about it and wrote saying the funniest things. My mother-in-law got the one and only copy of the magazine saved for her at the local pharmacy in her little town in New Germany, Nova Scotia. Here is a bit of what people are saying...

Looking at your article in Chatelaine. Our office gets the mag. Lovely photo of you two!

We just bought your Chatelaine! Its so cool. Very proud. :) It made my life a little...teehee!

Finally got the magazine today, hot off the presses. The author did a wonderful job of capturing your emotional journey, and your and Gerry's love for each other. Beautiful! September can't come soon enough.

I loved the Chatelaine article Rhonda! I realize how lucky my wife and I are, to have 4 healthy kids (and 2 miscarriages). Your commitment to becoming a family is heartening. I wish you all the best luck and hope you enjoy parenthood!

amazing article... i just read the whole thing and cried several times.. we love you guys and are so happy for you.

I was reading my Chatelaine magazine and was looking at the picture of a couple, thinking how in love they look and OMG it is you guys!!! I read your story, you have been through a lot.

I was surprised to see you in the copy of Chatelaine that arrived yesterday. I almost missed it, I was quickly flipping through and then looked a little more closely at the photos! I ended up reading the whole story out loud at the dinner table. We especially liked the happy ending!

I've asked family back in Canada to pick up a copy of this edition for proud to say I "kinda" know you two!

We never imagined it would make such a statement. We hope it opens peoples eyes to the world of surrogacy in India as a possible answer to their longing for a child.

Thank you to our wonderful journalist Lisa for a job well done and to Lana for some great photos. Here is the link to the on-line version (minus some of the photos). Chatelaine article Let us know your thoughts...

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Carrie Jo said...

Oh,I wish I could read it. I am so proud of you guys and so glad that you've had positive feedback!

Kerrie and Mark said...

The aricle gave me chills. I am sure this article will open the eyes for many couples and hopefully these damned doctors! The article is so truthful, showing that its not a sure thing and a tax on the emotions. Well done you guys! I see you have 124 days to go!!! yippee!

sarah said...

loved the article. it made me cry.
didnt help that i had celine dion going in the background!!

Angela Burrill said...

I had assumed your names would be mentioned with many others, not that it would be entirely about you two. How wonderful then, since it really captures the complete story. I knew that Gerry was a Bluenoser, but forgot he was from New Germany -- close to where Doug's parents are.

How did the magazine hear about your situation?

Amber and Brian said...

Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing your story. I agree that the journalist did a great job and researched her material really well.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Carrie Jo,

The article is the same on line as in the magazine, just minus the pictures.


Lisa, our journalist found us through this blog.

Thanks all for the sweet comments.

Johnny and Darren said...

I just read the article online and it made me so emotional. I am so happy for the two of you and your pregnancy.

I am positive and hopeful that we will have the same result very soon. Thanks for sharing your story with the world!


Cathy said...

Congrats, that's wonderful that you had a chance to share your story in such a way!

jojo said...

what a great treasure for your little one.


Mandy said...

You guys are such an amazing couple. I envy you. What a great article and u guys LOOK GREAT!!! so romantic...aww. lets hope we can follow with a positive too.

Amanda :)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and Gerry for doing this. My sister picked up the mag while in one of her stores, she is bringing it to me next week when she comes to visit. I cant wait.


Carrie Jo said...


I tried to read it online, and the link to your story sent me somewhere else. I will try again because I'm excited to read it!