Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Shower/Good Bye Party...

What a fabulous day! Gerry and I were both overwhelmed at the outpouring of gifts and well wishes we received at our party yesterday. So many people from my management team, to my Nurses and C.N.A's and their families all came to show us their love. WOW!!! There are no other words to describe our appreciation.

We were blown away with such a fabulous shindig! Barb and her entire family truly went all out with loaning their beautiful home for the day. Jo and so many others did an awesome job preparing decorations and bringing food dishes, and we can't forget Angelica who slaved for days on our beautiful and very yummy cake.

I am definitely going to miss working with these wonderful people and seeing their smiling faces every day. But I will definitely will keep in touch and certainly I will be visiting them with our new bundle of joy very soon.

The whole gang (well minus a bunch)

Della making the hat.

What's a baby Shower without a crazy hat?

Cole wanted a picture of the gift he bought us.

Quite the spread!

Thank you Angelica!

Becky and Bea (keeping track of all the gifts)

We have already planned on having a get-together here at our home in mid July to share in our new baby, since so many of our friends and neighbors are wanting to be included. We certainly did not prepare for the outpouring of gifts that we received yesterday. I suppose everyone was right in telling us to "Stop buying!"

Now its on to the multitude of 'Thank you' cards and of course, trying to find a spot for all of our little angels goodies in its waiting nursery.

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Carrie Jo said...

Quite the haul! That cake is beautiful--your friend is so talented. I am so excited for you guys...this is wonderful. I'm glad you're having fun!

Jackie said... fun! Glad you enjoyed every minute of it!


Kerrie and Mark said...

You have such a group to support you, its wonderful! Baby will be here soon and I think you must have almost evrything you need now.

jojo said...

what a beautiful party! your baby will be born into so much love. it makes me smile from ear to ear.

i love the sunshine in these pictures. and the warmth it adds to your already warm home.


sarah said...

hello lovelies,
great to see your smiling faces.
its been awhile we should catch up.
fab party im so jealous!!
not long now

FET Accompli said...

Hi there,

Nice to meet you - just found you through Sarah's blog (when two becomes three). I'm also on a surrogacy journey.

Looks like a wonderful shower - that cake is just gorgeous!