Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Past the 28 week mark...

We are kinda out of the woods at this point. I don't want to count our chicken before its hatched, but according to the high risk Perinatal specialist we saw a year ago, if we make it to 28 weeks we can deliver a healthy baby! WHEW!!!! I am so relieved we made it this far.

I keep getting the same question...'You must be so excited?'

Yes, very, very excited, but scared and worried and overwhelmed all at the same time too.

Do we have everything ready? Will our baby be healthy? Will KT have an uneventful delivery? Will we be there in time for the birth? Will we be able to make all the legal stuff fall into place when we get to India? How long will we have to be in India? How much time will I take off of work/can afford to take off of work? What are we going to do about childcare? A full time live-in Nanny? A part-time day caretaker in our home during the weekdays? What will it be like to function on NO sleep? How amazing will it be to stare into my baby's eyes while I hold them in my arms? How wonderful it will feel to walk into our ready, but empty nursery and see our little angel lying in the crib? How drastically our life will change literally over night!

So many thoughts and so little time to sort it all out. I am sure it will all fall into place, but until then, a million unanswered questions run through my mind. Let's hope that baby just stays put until it is good and ready to make it's grand entrance into the world.

Your Baby at 29 weeks:

Having a baby prematurely is frightening, no doubt. But here's a reason to relax: Due to the impressive advancements of medical technology, if your baby is born this week, she'd have a 9 out of 10 chance of survival, which is seriously great news.

Other awesome developments:

Baby's brain can now control her breathing and body temperature. She can also cough, and her sucking abilities have been perfected.
Your Mini's skin is looking less wrinkled as she packs on the pounds. She's starting to look more like a Pampers model and less like a Depends model. She's now beefing up on the energizing and insulating white fat she'll be born with (unfortunately, white fat is not energizing and insulating for adults!). And speaking of energy, your little Energizer Bunny is on fire these days. KT is sure to feel your share of kicks, punches and elbows, especially when she's lying down. This week your baby is a little over 15 inches long—about the length of a loaf of bread—and weighs about 3 pounds, as much as a Macbook Air laptop.

What our baby might look like at 29 weeks.

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Johnny and Darren said...


28 weeks and counting down. We're so excited for you guys.

Johnny & Darren

GeGe said...

Hi Rhonda and Gerry,
Carrie-Jo's mom here. I just wanted to tell you that you will look in that crib a thousand times, and then you will look in their beds a trillion more in awe that this child is really yours. For those of us whose children did not come to us easily, it is an even more incredible experience. I never grew tired of watching my girls sleep and their chests moving up and down. The experience never failed to bring me to tears even the night before Carrie-Jo's wedding. There has not been one moment of parenthood I have not loved. Now it is your turn. I am so excited for you.
I will continue to pray for a full term pregnancy and uneventful labor and delivery.

Angela Burrill said...

That's the beauty of children -- there are always MANY unanswered questions, no matter what their age!

Niels and Alexander said...

Wow, it is getting closer and closer to the end now for your baby.
Must be very exciting, we keep on crossing our fingers for you!

Anonymous said...

YIPEE!!!! How exciting!
I am so thrilled for you guys! I know that everything will be so new and so exciting that even the 3am feedings will seem amazing.

Happy Beyond Belief for you all.

Kerrie and Mark said...

I love these updates! It reminds me that this IS possible. Time will fly now and soon your little one will make their grand appearance.

Stephaniekb said...

Rhoda, my family thinks I'm not excited enough about this baby, and your post exactly captures all of the huge questions still to be resolved that we are facing! People don't seem to realize that while the outcome of surrogacy is the same, the process is very different since so much is out of our control!

We'll be in India starting July 26, so perhaps we'll overlap with you!
Best, Stephanie

Sarah and John said...

Glad your baby is doing well. Hope the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful and goes by fast. We can watch Frankie when you go back to India, if you need someone to look after her. Can't wait to see you guys again!

Trea said...

Rhonda and Gerry.....think I posted a comment last week but didn't press the right button or something!! Anyway 28 weeks wow, wow, wow. I am soooo envious of you guys and cannot wait to be in that position some day. I am sitting here today waiting for our results from attempt 3 and am going nuts!! Congrats again. Cheers Trea

Chantelle & Cyndi our life said...

I am so happy your baby is in the safe zone. Yes we want your baby to stay in there and get even more healthy, but how exciting. You both are so amazing as people that I hardly worry about anything. You both will be parents of the year I am sure.
You are such an inspiration.
I can't wait until you get to hold your beautiful angel in your arms.