Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are over the moon, thrilled, ecstatic, blessed, happy, and all those wonderful words that describe our excitement!

We are down to double digits on our counter now. Less than 90 days already?!? WOW...time sure flies! Everyone asks, 'Are you ready?' Is anyone ever REALLY ready to be a new parent? We have all the stuff and the nursery is prepared, but once that little one is in your arms...I think all the preparation in the world is thrown out the window and its you and only you to face the world with your little one. I couldn't imagine going at this alone. I am so lucky to have such a special guy to share in this new and amazing experience.

We received our most recent ultrasound pics and report and all is well on the Indian home front. Our baby is in breech position, so if he/she doesn't turn themselves around soon, we will be looking at that scheduled c-section after all. We talked to Dr. Sudhir tonight and he told us we need to start preparing everything. Frankie's care, packing, and all that stuff to be able to leave at a moments notice... Oh, shit!!!! Sorry for the profanity, but that was the immediate thought that came to our minds...this is happening and it might be any day now. At first we thought he was just kidding, but he was totally serious! WHOA!!!

I renewed my CPR certification at work today and made sure the instructor went over infant CPR, not that in an emergency with my own little angel, I wouldn't completely panic!! but it is good to know that its fresh in my mind. As a nurse, handling emergencies as they arise almost becomes second nature, but when it's your own...

These early mornings, up at 5am and to work by 6am are taking some getting used too. My body is ready for bed by 8:30pm. I am a big fan of lots of rest and love my bed, so I am totally out of my realm. I suppose its just more preparation for the months to come with sleepless days and nights.

Hopefully in the next week or so, I will get a little more accustomed to all of this, so I can get back to my routine with time to blog, answer emails and catch up on some of my favorite shows.

Oh, yah...I almost forgot, guess that happens when you get old! I turned 39 yesterday. I woke up to a decorated kitchen of balloons and banners and cards and gifts from both my special guy and girl (Frankie).

Your Baby at 28 weeks:

As the Big Day nears, your baby is getting ready to go towards the light at the end of the tunnel (the tunnel being the birth canal, the light being the one the doctor is shining directly into it so she can see what the heck she's doing).

Other highlights this week:

Your baby's eyes are partially open now and can blink. Truly superior babies can actually wink. (OK, there is no way to prove that, but it's fun to imagine, no?) Your baby can also now become a shiny, happy person as she has begun having rapid eye movement (Get it? REM? Shiny, happy person?? We'll be here all week.)

Her eyes have color now, too. It may not be the color she ultimately ends up with, especially if they're light gray or blue. The eyes typically don't settle on a final hue until nine months after baby is born. So when your mother-in-law says that the baby has her eyes, you can politely inform her that they'll most likely change soon. Sorry.

Your babe is downright chubby compared to a few weeks ago. She is about 15 inches long, about the length of an amusement park cinnamon-sugar-coated churro (yum!), and weighs 2 to 3 pounds.

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Niels and Alexander said...

Fantastic to read your blog, and I think you are one of the most prepared people I know of.
Congrats on the B-Day.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! Just year you will be celebrating and having to make plans for a baby sitter or a baby friendly place to go to celebrate! YAY!!!

I am starting to think about cribs and nurserys now and get inspiration from all of you who are ahead of me in this journey!

Here is to double digit counters! Can't sait for the single digits!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Yah! Lets hope the baby isn't too ready to see you both yet.I would sure like them ( him or her) to stay put as long as possible. But when they are ready there is no stopping them.Tell the Doc's to give KT our love and that we are thinking of her.We have been keeping the prayers going for a safe and uneventful birth for all of you.
Lots of Love and God Bless

Daria said...

You really are getting close to time! I am so happy that everything has worked out so well for you guys. You will make wonderful parents and your little miracle will love mommy and daddy!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!

I can't believe it's already the 3rd trimester! How amazing!

Sarah said...

You are already such a good Mommy. All of your prep will totally pay off too. Tick Tock little baby - turn yourself around! Congrats on the third tri and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mike and Mike said...

Don't even blink...if you blink, you'll miss it! Once you hit that third trimester, it's like someone hits the turbo boost button! Soooo exciting!! It's been a longtime coming, Mike and I wish you both the best and hope your bundle of joy comes into the world healthy and your new family gets home safely and quickly!

Mike and Mike

Kerrie and Mark said...

My goodness time flies! I am sure everyday drags on as you await this bundle of joy! I ama thrilled to see all is moving along and now your a year older and wiser! Happy belated b-day.

Terry in LA said...

Wow! SO EXCITING! And, just maybe your little one will keep the exact same hours as you. Someone close to us has a newborn who goes to bed with her at 9pm and gets up with her at 5:30am. So happy for you guys.