Saturday, August 22, 2009


That is exactly how we felt when our plane landed and we departed the airport in Mumbai. We are in the city and country that we consider our second home. Our child will always know where they came from and all the amazing culture and people India has to offer.

We had two relatively uneventful legs of our flight from Phoenix to Newark and then Newark to Mumbai. There were weather delays in Newark so we were told that our flight would be about 40 minutes late departing Phoenix, but no sooner did they announce that, then they announced that we were boarding. In Newark, the weather had created some backups and all of the different airlines were juggling for a parking space. We originally had to walk a considerable distance upon landing to our departure gate and would have to rush, but wouldn't you know it, the new gate we parked at was only 3 gates away. I guess out of bad situations, sometimes come unexpected good results.

The 14 hour flight to Mumbai didn't seem so long this time. Both of us were exhausted from being up late the night before doing some final packing and trying to get all of the suitcases within weight limits (we started with 3 suitcases overweight and 1 bag over sized). We each were able get some rest and even watch a few movies. The Mumbai airport is incredible. It has changed so much from our very first visit over a year and a half ago. Construction seems to be all completed and it is now bright, clean, organized and very welcoming. With the H1N1 flu, all passengers are required to fill out a screening form on the plane and then upon entering the airport, you need to hand the form to one of the numerous awaiting masked men and women. They stamp your form and you are off. A word to those landing the only struggle is that the baggage belt signs are at the far end of the belt and small and hard to see, however they announce the belt that you pick your bags up on the plane and then again when you enter the airport. A definite bonus is that the carts are free (the U.S needs to learn a thing or too). We were just a little panicked when all but one bag (the one with most of the baby gear) was MIA for a short time. But finally Gerry gave me the 'thumbs up' sign from afar that all was well. From our arranging and rearranging each bag we managed in the end to have only ONE over sized bag, costing us an extra $50.00, which we thought wasn't too bad, since we were in fact packing for 3.

Dr. Yash and Amit were all smiles awaiting our arrival. Big hugs were all around.

Amit had arranged for two people from the VITS hotel to bring our luggage back to the hotel, while we rode along with Dr. Yash and caught up on all the latest news. The wonderful Amit, had taken care of of our hotel booking for the next few nights here at the VITS which includes high speed wireless internet (so this post is thank you to Amit) and also an incredible breakfast. We were sad to have missed Dr. Sudhir as he has never missed one of our arrivals at the airport, but understood has he has been feeling sick and we know we will see him soon enough as we have a lot of time to visit over the next 24 days here in Mumbai.

We visited with both Dr. Yash and Amit before heading off to bed. Dr. Yash has a busy day today with egg pick ups and transfers. The most wonderful news we received is that KT is resting and feeling well and the baby is doing just fine. KT even called Dr. Yash earlier in the evening all excited, asking if we had arrived yet. She is an absolute doll and we cannot wait to give her a ton of hugs very soon.

We started our day up early...still can't sleep with the anticipation of the days to come. We laid in bed wide awake, talking about all of the excitement and nervousness we are feeling. We even reminisced about our very first visit to Mumbai since we were in the very same room. We went down for our awesome VITS buffet breakfast. All the ladies and gentleman greeted us with big smiles and were happy to see us again so soon. Everyone came over to our table to say 'hello'. It just seems so fitting to be here at the VITS hotel again where our journey all began.

What a spread!

Cereal bar

bacon, sausage, ham, etc.

Just like the sign says.

Fresh fruit every morning

We are back again same time as last year for the start of the Ganesh Festival. Dr. Yash said that even though she doesn't know, she thinks we will have a boy, because the Ganesha is a male God and it is symbolic. We love the God Ganesha (the God of new beginnings) and have 3 of them at home including one which hangs above the entrance to the nursery. It just seems natural that our little Angel will be born during this celebration. It looks as though if all stays status quo with KT and baby, we will finally be parents as of Tuesday. The stars must be aligning for this long awaited gift as a Tuesday birth in the Indian culture is considered auspicious (of good omen, promising success). This child has all the right stuff in their favor.

Only a few days left to vote and the majority believe its a 'boy,' just like Dr. Yash. We just hope and pray for a healthy child. Gerry secretly wishes for a boy, since he has 2 grown daughters, but we have 2 names picked out and are ready and happy as can be. Boy or girl, whatever the sex of our Angel we are already blessed beyond words.

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Joy and Kelly said...

I can not imagine packing all of the stuff you needed, not only for three but for 24 days. Glad you made it safe and sound and look forward to more updates.

Linda said...

I'm so happy for you Rhonda and Gerry!:) I've been thinking a lot about you lately, you are a big inspiration for me.

I wish you good luck and are looking forward to the good news about your little baby beeing born.

Hugs, Linda (Lindy)

Anita said...

Good luck and praying for the safe arrival of your little Angel. Can't wait to see the pics. I reckon its a boy too :-)

Trea said...

Rhonda and fantastically exciting for you guys to be there awaiting the birth of your baby. I cannot wait until one day we are in your shoes. Please give the docs a big hug from us.

Cheers Trea

Jackie said...

So glad you guys got there safely and look forward to more news!!

Give the docs a hug for me!

Jackie xx

Sara said...

You made it! You'll be there for the birth of your baby! Congrats! I can't wait to hear the updates that your beautiful surro is in labor!

Mandy said...

I am so glad you guys arrived safe and sound. The excitement is contagious and i cant wait to hear more. I guess packing isnt must include a packing list in your upcoming

all the best in the next few days.

kristin said...

Wow I am so excited to hear how its all going, I am thrilled to hear you arrived safely and are awaiting a little baby. It probably seems so surreal and like a dream. Its wonderful to see all of the waited and unknown and frustrating times were all for this treasure that you will recieve Lord willing on tuesday! The Lord is good and He will provide all your baby needs for health, and a great plan ahead for their life to make an impact for the world! Enjoy every moment, don't let any slip by without an acknowledgment of how far you've come to where you are now and how beautiful waiting and patience really are as now what has been waited for is worth so so much.

Love you both so much and talk with you soon!!

Todd said...

Just a few more days and the dream of your lives will be realized! Best wishes to all of you and your future son... daughter... son... oh well, you'll know soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wanted you to know we are there and rooting for you, as you take these steps to complete your family. Much like astronauts, you folks have stepped outside the normal hemisphere and are taking steps in an unknown/unfamiliar place than the rest of us could ever imagine. Not sure if it is because Nova Scotians are an 'old' thinking kind of people or not, but we don't tend to think outside the box in relation to anything - tried and true are our mainstays. In a society where we like to think we are quite modern, it is surprising that hardly anyone knows anything about surrogacy, even among couples that themselves are facing fertility issues. Hopefully I have opened peoples eyes/minds a bit as I talk of your journey.

To the outside world I am sure it appears that you and Gerry already have so much - good health, great jobs, beautiful home/vehicles, trips to exotic places, ultimate love relationship - they would never know that having a baby would mean so much. In following your blog I have gotten to understand how deep your desire was and how much you endured and sacrificed to bring this dream/desire to realization.

I sincerely hope that once you arrive back home with your baby, that you can finally relax and just enjoy everything about being new parents.

I have always loved Gerry, and like you, am very proud of him and the man he has become. My Gerry still refers to him as 'The Rock', and I think that he really is very much your 'rock', always right there with you along every step of the way, as you are for him (maybe we should call you the Rock-etts?). No life will ever be 100% perfect, and there will always be bits of ick scattered throughout our days... even with the baby, you will undoubtedly have good days and bad (nights?)...... and it will be surprising just how quick the little one will grow up right before your eyes, so hope take each wonderful day as it comes, and just enjoy. I am sure no baby was ever wanted or loved more than this little one, so just have fun being mommy and I'm sure you'll both have a total blast!

Love you guys
Aunt Myrna

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to for my new nephew/niece to arrive! We love you so much and know how exciting these next days/hours will be waiting for your new bundle of joy! I know you will savour every moment of this...take care of each other and enjoy the journey! Thinking of you!
Your sister Tracy XO

Anonymous said...

I,m so excited for you both!!!! I,m so glad to see you all made it there safely. Frankie is doing well. Jack and I went down for a while yesterday and played with her. She seems to already become attached to Lauren. Can't wait to see you all. Love, Winnie and Jack

Anonymous said...

I am so very excited for both of you-having a child is the greatest thing in the world. I am sure that you both will enjoy every minute of this wonderfull adventure that is called parenting. I enjoy every minute of Justin that I can. I am so proud of both of you for all that you have accomplished. Know that Mark, Justin and I are so very happy for you. Can't wait to hear the news of the birth tomorrow-you both must be over the moom right now. Take care.

Love you both. Rhonda, Mark and Justin xxoo

FET Accompli said...

So exciting!

I just posted a response, but not sure if it went through - apologies if this is a duplicate. I am glad your trip went smoothly and that you were greeted with such warm, open arms. I had tears in my eyes reading this post because it is filled with such joy and excitement!