Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bitter Sweet Good-bye.......For Now

We are back from our Goa get-away and ready to head home tomorrow night (Tuesday).  We are SO excited to get home to our Frankie girl and get Blaze into a routine, BUT we are so sad to leave Mumbai, the Doctors and all of the wonderful people who we have come to know and love through our amazing journey.  We will be back, that is a definite, but it certainly won't be for quite some time (4 trips in a year and a half). 

We will post more once we are home and settled, with the remainder of the details of our trip, post-op circumcision, Gerry's report on the FRRO process (the good, the bad and the ugly!!), and of course beautiful Goa. 

Those of you who follow our blog with love, thank you for your kind sentiments and encouraging words.  We hope and pray that each of you finds the happiness and joy we have found at this very moment.  This entire experience has been long, exhausting, emotional, and AMAZING in every way. 

As we close one chapter of our journey, we open another new and exciting one...THE LIFE OF BLAZE!

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Terry & Steve said...

Safe Travels. Welcome home (almost)...and congrats again! :)

Kate said...

Safe travels home with Blaze- I am sure the celebrating will continue with your family and friends in this country- what an amazing child to be loved in not just one but two countries!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Blaze in his new room.

Todd said...

Wonderful to see you update and that all is on-track for your journey home... safe travels!!!

Can't wait for the posting on what to take / what not to take and your FRRO experiences... not looking forward to that at all!

Bobby said...

Looking forward to meeting the little trooper!

FET Accompli said...

Looking forward to following your new, wonderful journey with Blaze!

Joy and Kelly said...

Safe travels. We look forward to the updates on the Goa trip, the FRRO process and of course that beautiful little miracle Blaze!

Stan said...

Glad you guys did not decide to stay in India (not that this would be a bad decision). Since there have not been any updates to your blog in the last few days, we were beginning to wonder if you'll ever return to teh US :)

Have a safe and uneventfull trip back home!

Anita said...

Safe travels home and look forward to more updates with lots more pics of that little cutie of yours :-)