Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It is always nice to come home no matter where you go. We missed our beautiful house, sunny and hot Arizona, our wonderful friends and most of all our incredible Frankie girl.

We are trying to get Blaze into a routine. Over 26 hours in airports and planes doesn't help much. He has been trying out all his new toys, his Rainforest vibrating chair, his Precious Planet travel swing, new Dutailer glider-rocking chair, change table, Peg Perego car seat and stroller and most of all his play yard for sleeping, located in Mommy and Daddy's room.

We are introducing him to the whole house. Room by room so he knows his surroundings (at least that's what the book says). He even has got to enjoy his big swimming pool in the backyard.

He did truly amazing the entire 2 flights. People barely knew we had an infant with us. We tried to give him his bottle during take off and landing, but he pretty much slept through it all. He had NO problems with the change in air pressure and continued to sleep.

I was extremely sad when I saw Frankie. It is just so darn hard. I feel like my heart is broke into a million pieces. I never knew it possible till Frankie to love an animal as much as I did her. She was like a human to me and such a huge part of our family. She had been apart of my every day for the last 13 years, and together we had been through so much (our miscarriage, surgeries, Gerry's deployment for 10 months) happy times and sad, she was always by my side to lick away my tears. I know that she is always here with us and she is watching over her little brother as his Guardian Angel and that comforts me. So, although I am very happy to be home and loving life with our new little fella. I am very, very sad about my Frankie girl and wish I could turn back time or have dogs live to be one hundred years old (not in dog years, but people years!). Thank you all for your outpouring of condolences Frankie touched every one she met and even some that only heard about what a special girl she was. She will forever be in our hearts.

Blaze did amazing post-circumcision. We had anticipated being up most of the night, but he slept like an angel. He is such a little Trooper! We applied the cream the Surgeon ordered with each diaper change. They had placed a tincture bandage around the base of his penis (kind of a gauze wrap with betadine solution) that fell off about 4 days post-op. After 24 hours he could resume baths and so we did them every night for comfort and cleansing as we really couldn't clean the area quite well. He sure likes bath-time. He really enjoys having the water poured on his body and looks so relaxed. The area is now completely healed, YAY!. On Thursday, Blaze saw his Pediatrician, Dr. Gentile here in AZ and he said the Surgeon did a great job.

The Pediatrician was VERY pleased with Blaze. He commented on how he acts and appears much older then 3 weeks old. His weight is now up to 7.10 lbs and he is eating a good 4 oz every 3 hours or so. He kept saying, what a beautiful boy you have. He gave Blaze a thorough check-up, went through the papers that we received when Blaze was discharged from Hiranandani hospital and asked a bunch of questions. He was extremely pleased with Blaze's appearance, activity, weight, eating habits, output, etc. He told us we couldn't have ordered a better baby even if we tried. I joked that every time I say how perfect he is in every way, that I touch wood. We have another appointment scheduled for 2 weeks time, and we can't wait to see how much more he has grown.

Gerry was back to work this week. After 22 days straight with his little boy Blaze, it was hard to go. He came to the Pediatrician appointment and then headed to work from there. He works for 48 hours straight at the fire house, so I promised that I would send pictures of his boy while he is at work. I got the low down before he left of 'are you sure you know how to work everything? and is there anything you need?' My heart goes out to Gerry, as I know I am going to hate it when its my turn in a month or so when I will return to work.

Did I mention that Goa was fantastic!! We stayed in the North, about 30 minutes from the capital on Baga Beach. Lots and lots of Sun, beach, shopping, and pure relaxation. It was just what the Doctor ordered. We highly recommend going if you get a chance, its only an hour flight from Mumbai, and not expensive at all. I promise that I will do a full post on the details of the flight, our beautiful hotel, all of the sightseeing, shopping and the wonderful restaurants, complete with pictures.

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Bobby said...

Glad you're back. We want to see Blaze, but Gregg and I are both sick and Sabrina has an ear infection (all thanks to Day Care...argh I hate Day Care!). We can't wait!

Anita said...

Oh your little boy is just soooo beautiful!!!

FET Accompli said...

Congrats on being back home! Blaze is soooooo cute!

Kate said...

Welcome home- isn't it great being a parent? Blaze is so handsome- and again I am so sorry about Frankie. I know how that loss leaves a hole in your heart.

Kate said...

Just noticed today was your original due date with KT! Glad you got your handsome guy early!

sarah said...

hi, so pleased to hear you are home. your beloved frankie must have waited for you. i think its incredible dogs intuition. i hope you are doing ok.
please please post about goa, we are going to the north too so keen to know all the good restaurants and shops!
lotsa luv

Stan said...

Welcome home guys! So sorry about Frankie. I know what its like to loose a pet, and its heart shattering to say the least. Blaze is awsome as always.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I have been following your journey on-line & appreciate your sharing all of the many twists & turns of your becoming a new mother. You & your husband have endured so much to achieve your little bundle & I am sure that God will give the three of you many, many abundant blessings. What a wonderful gift you & your husband have given to all of us who have traveled on this journey with you. Thank you just doesn't seem to be sufficient. Your husband & yourself have shared with us your most intimate moments whether they were hopeful or you where both in despair at the struggles you endured to finally achieve your son. I look forward to your story almost daily. Rhonda, I am so pound of your fortitude, but I am not surprised by it. When I worked with you I was always amazed at your inner strength even when everything was upside down at work. It is not surprising that you & your husband have achieved your ultimate goal, to have a new baby in your home.
I read your story on the passing of your beloved family member, Frankie. She waited until her family came home to make sure you where all safe & to greet her newest member of the family. Rhonda, I know the pain you feel from losing someone who was always by your side no matter what. When you look into the eyes of your dog, you see the purest of souls & unconditional love. It was my grandmother that explained to me that the dog was one of closest animals to God, after all; God spelled backward is dog & what better proof was there than to give an animal his blessed name. I still miss my Rusti & it's been 7 years since she left me. I also had her cremated & have her next to me in the bedroom which is where she liked to sleep with me at night. Rhonda I still talk to her & when I feel alone & blue I pick her up & I know she is there with me in spirit. You have all those beautiful memories, as all of us who loved their companion's do. Cherish them & when your ready, you will find a new companion so that Blaze will understand the bond of that unselfish love & devotion. In the meantime, my friend, love that new soul in your life & please keep in touch & keep sending us those updates. Blaze has a large extended family out here, what a lucky boy he is & what wonderful parents he has.

Love to all three of you with blessings,