Monday, April 19, 2010

We are going to have our hands full...

Yep, not only just because we have a 7 and 1/2 month old, but Blaze is definitely ALL boy! He is already wanting to get into everything and he isn't even crawling yet. He does the belly flop, leg shaking rolling all over thing, but has not yet put it all together to crawl.

 Trying to figure this crawling thing out!

He gets stronger by the day and it seems he is all muscle. His long legs are so defined, he could be the youngest body builder...okay maybe not that defined, but he certainly has NO fat on them. He gets his workouts in his jumperoo (SO happy we got that, thanks Papa and Grandma). We think he might even just skip the crawling thing all together and start walking. He loves to stand and actually prefers it, compared to laying down, so we shall see.

Up to no good!

Got it!

Little Devil

Blaze is now the star of swim class with 2 new members his age just starting out. The Mommies are very impressed with his skills. He even kicks and swims when he goes under water. There is even a little girl who seemed to be flirting a little, but Blaze was all business (and maybe cause he is already got his girlfriend lined up in Maryland, who he will forgive for getting fresh with Noah since she is away in India and Dr.Yash was being bad!)

Big news the other day!!! Blaze cut his first tooth! Yahoo!!! A big milestone since he has been drooling incessantly and biting on everything for months. Our nanny, Yessie noticed it on Friday and told me right away when I got home from work. Sure enough when I checked, there was just the hint of a sharp edge popping through his bottom gum.

 Poor attempt at a tooth shot...Not as easy as it looks!

So far so good. No crankiness or crying! Whew! Still his happy-go-lucky self. Have I said how lucky we are? We have been blessed with an exceptionally happy, sleeping, eating baby and I am thankful for that everyday. I know the sleepless, difficult almost horror stories of some new parents and we realize every day, just how lucky we are. Makes us a little nervous to try this all again... would we be so lucky the second time around???

Papa and Grandma are gone for the summer and its quiet around here. Daddy is off very busy between work and the military and so its just the 3 of us most weekends. Which, stinks for Daddy but gives Mommy lots of time to bond with her little guy. This past weekend he has had some great scheduled naps during the day which Dr. G had mentioned would be a good idea on our 6month check up. Up until now we haven't had any issues so we just let him play till he falls asleep and then naps for 30 minutes or so a few times during the day. Now I see he gets sleep around 10:00ish and so I lay him in his crib and turn the mobile on (something he has now learned to do himself- such a smart boy) and he falls asleep within 15 minutes and sleeps for 2 hours. I do the same between 2 and 3:00pm and so far it is working great for all of us! Sometimes Mommy even gets to take the occasional nap too.

Our wireless connection for our computer is down and so we haven't been able to keep up like we would have liked with Skype, email, etc. UGH!!!! It's amazing how much we depend on computers when they are down (bills, email, updates, etc.) As least we can hook it up! For the first week we couldn't even get it turned on.

Last but certainly not least we need to Congratulate 2 dear SI couples who we have been following since the very beginning of their journeys. Greg and Rob welcomed beautiful sweet Addison Claire into the world (Blaze's future bride) and Johnny and Darren their handsome little guy, Noah Robert (Blaze may just have to have a word with him). Both couples are in Mumbai and enjoying the camaraderie of each other and quite a few other couples. We are so very happy for all of them.

We can't help but get such an amazing feeling every time a couple gets a positive pregnancy or a little one is born with SI. We feel a little part of each and everyone of them, for being the first International couple to pave the way for SI. I guess that is one of the reasons why to this day we maintain such a close relationship with both Dr.Sudhir and Dr.Yash. It was so much more then just a business deal from day one when we first started our journey. We trusted and believed in them before any other and they never let us down. We are so proud of the success they have created and know it couldn't happen to 2 nicer people.

 Happy Easter to me!  WHAT no chocolate???

Silly boy!

I love Elmo!

Just for Rob and Greg!  LOL

Mommy having more fun in the tub!

Not scared anymore Grandma!

Innocence at its best!

Best Friends!

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FET Accompli said...

Congrats on Blaze's first tooth - what a milestone!

We used to have scheduled naps, and then we went back to our parents for two weeks, and the schedule sort of fell by the wayside. It's been really hard to get back into it, and so they now tend to nap whenever - we do try to get in a longer afternoon nap...

Love the pictures!!

Molly said...

What a sweet and handsome little man, sorry to hear he already has a bride !

Greg, Rob and Our Little Girl. said...

Maybe Blaze can give Addison some private swim lessons. She has been to the pool every day since our discharge from the hospital. Hehe. Enjoy the one on one time!

Bobby said...

What a great smile! Where do you go for swimming? We're starting Aqua Tots next week on Greenfield and the 60.

Mandy said...

He has gotten so big Rhonda, where has the time gone...i LOVE the bibs (lock up yuor daughts..hehe). Glad everyone is doing well, love to see pics!!

Johnny and Darren said...

My gosh he has grown SO much! We love the photos you have posted, they are wonderful.

We have been trying to comfort Noah all afternoon since the departure of his first love back to the USA....Summer Love!


Mike and Mike said...

Hey Rhonda and Gerry,

Sorry haven't kept in touch as much as we should have. Blaze is as cute as a button. He is growing so fast. I hope y'all are enjoying parenthood. We are, although I could do without the teething...I envy the fact that Blaze cut a tooth with no big deal...I wish!

Mike A.

crystal said...

You have a beauiful son.

Liz said...

Hi Rhonda & Gerry, even though this blog post is years old, I am commenting on it because I wanted to let you know how much your blog has helped me this past week. My father had quadruple bypass open heart surgery Tuesday 10/25, and I decided to room in with him in the cardiac ICU. (That technically wasn't allowed but that's another story for another day)

It was so hard during the days he was caught in the delirium of "sundowning"- the combination of no food and being denied pain medication (don't even get me started...) puts him into a spiral of cursing, insults, and just complete paranoid delusion. It's not at all "him". point is this: I happened upon your blog while researching the surrogacy ban in India which I feel is too heavy handed. They need more accountability for lesser known "shady" clinics if they want to keep women from being "exploited".
So I went allll the way back to the first entry of your blog and settled in to read. From the info at the top, I knew obviously that you had welcomed not one but three babies! Still, I held my breath waiting for the "we are pregnant" entry and then again for the one announcing Blaze's arrival! Your writing is such that the reader feels like they are right there with you on this amazing journey.

During the hardest nights, when I would be sitting at my dad's bedside, hoping like hell he would stay asleep longer than 3-5 minutes...I would read your blog and it was so calming and engrossing. I have unfortunately had to leave my dad's side yesterday as I simply can't afford to take any more days off work. Leaving him confused in the ICU was one of the worst moments of my life. But again, this blog proved invaluable to me. I read it all the way through the greyhound bus ride home, and now that I'm back home I have been reading it as a distraction from worrying about my dad so much.

Your family is just WONDERFUL...I rejoiced at Blaze's birth and I truly shed many tears over sweet Frankie's passing. I thank you so much for opening yourselves up in this way, and I hope you know that your blog is helpful even beyond its capacity to assist those looking into surrogacy.

Much love & thanks,