Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo!

It was Memorial Weekend and so we decided to take a family trip to the Phoenix Zoo. Since it is so close to where we live and very kid friendly, we decided to get an annual pass for the whole family to enjoy. So we set out in the 105 degree heat, packed with LOTS of sun screen, baby hats and plenty of cold drinks. When you live in Arizona, you have to be prepared when you venture outside in the heat during the summer. Well, it was SOOOOO much fun! Blaze actually looked at all of the animals and smiled and watched intently as they moved around in their enclosures. He really enjoyed the petting zoo and the goats, getting up close and personal with them. There will be so much more for him to do in the years to come, a spray ground water play area, lots of educational programs, even being able to ride your bikes through the zoo grounds, and so much more. Blaze got to enjoy his first snow cone, and even tiny bits of Mommy's chicken fingers and fries. What a great day!

Watching the fish and turtles

Just hanging out

Enjoying the petting zoo and my new friends

My First Carousel Ride

Everyone likes my portable highchair...Me too!!!

My 1st Memorial Day outfit, it only lasted until lunch

A tired boy

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Greg, Rob and Our Little Girl. said...

Oh My Goodness! He is so cute. I love the pictures from the zoo! I especially love the Carousel Ride picture. He was holding on tight! I can't wait til Addy is old enough so we can go to the National Zoo and Baltimore Aquarium and Hershey Park. Blaze looks like he had soo much fun!! Maybe everyone will have come visit and we can all go together. :)

What a great way to spend your Holiday.

kristin said...

This day at the Zoo looks like so much fun for you all! I imagine Dad you enjoyed taking Blaze through all of the rides and the animals, I remember you used to like doing that when we were little! He is such a handsome little brother. I would love to visit you all sometime!
I miss you all very much

love kristin

Anonymous said...

We should plan a Zoo date when It cools off again, Guess that will be around Late October huh. We have to get some use of this zoo membership. Plus we have not seen you guys OR Blaze.....


Mandy said...

I wanna go to the zoo now too!!! I LOVE THE PICS, so glad to see u guys enjoying the summer with your little man (who is definately gonna break some hearts!! lol)

cute family!