Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So much has happened in the blink of an eye.  Just one short year ago our Angel came into our lives and it would be forever changed.  Here is just a few of the highlights that have brought us so much happiness with Blaze in our world:

Our very first real image of our Angel - 19 weeks old

Just Born - August 26th, 2009 10:22 pm

Mommy & Daddy's greatest gift from God...Blaze's Birth Day.

2 days old and stealing everyone's hearts

Welcome Home! Meeting big sister Frankie - 1st month

First time in our swimming in my pool - 1 Month Old

Welcome Home! -1 Month Old

First visitors from Canada (Aunt Tracy and cousins Micaela & Megan) - 1 Month Old 

First trip to the Grand Canyon - 1 Month Old

Meeting Grandma & Papa for the first time - 2 Months Old

 First Happy Halloween  - 2 Months Old

Sleeping thru the night  - 2 Months Old

First giggles - 3 Months Old

Started Stage 1 baby  foods - 3 Months Old

Love looking in the Mirror - 3 Months Old

First Thanksgiving (So much to give thanks for) - 3 Months Old

Merry Christmas!  Blaze's first Christmas - 4 Months Old

Just so cute we had to add another First Christmas photo - 4 Months Old

Standing tall with help - 5 Months Old

  Started Stage 2 Baby food - 5 Months Old

No more swaddler (AKA straight jacket) - 5 Months Old

Starting Swimming Lessons - 5 1/2  Months Old

Using a sippy cup like a big boy - 6 Months Old

New fur sister Neyla  -  6 Months Old
   Rolling, Rolling, Rolling - 7 Months Old

  Found his feet - 7 Months Old

Sitting up by himself - 8 Months Old

First Tooth - 8 Months Old

First Fishing Trip - 8 Months Old

Started Stage 3 Baby Foods - 8 Months Old
Taking steps with help - 9 Months Old

Starting to crawl - 10 Months Old

Said 'DaDa' (your first word) - 10 Months Old

Pulling self up and standing - 10 Months Old

No more Formula - Whole Milk for the big boy - 11 Months Old

Graduates to big boy bath - 11 Months Old

First Haircut - 11 Months Old

Time Flies - 1 Year Old

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Kate said...

Oh he is so cute- thanks for sharing. I just want to kiss him! You are so very blessed!

Mandy said...

LOve it, love it, love it. He is so handsome! You guys are the BESt parents, he has been to so many places and has so many family & friends. You guys keep him busy (or vice versa, lol). He is such a lucky baby to have amazing parents.

Keep it up mommy & daddy. Great post.

FET Accompli said...

What a fantastic year in review - amazing pictures to showcase key milestones!! Blaze is just so cute!!!

Daria said...

How adorable is he?!? That was a quick year and the only thing I can offer from experience is that every year goes faster and faster. Enjoy every moment!!

Johnny and Darren said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Jeff and Kevin said...

What a cute little dude. He looks like such a prankster! I think he is going to be trouble with a capital T (and you will being trying to hide your laughing)! - K