Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays from us to you!

This will be a very, very blessed Christmas for us in SO many ways. We can't wait to see Blaze's face Christmas morning!!!

We have been busy little bees, working, shopping,  replacing and fishing out big $$$$ for a new water heater since the old one suddenly decided to burst (right before Christmas, I might add ), getting family photos done (not at all in time for Christmas cards..yes I officially suck), dealing with my TMJ which locked my jaw for 2 days straight and me living on milkshakes, soups and muscle relaxants (gotta love them drugs), spending lots of quality time with Papa and Grandma, doing fun-filled local family outings like the annual Phoenix Zoo Lights and the State Fair. Oh, and did I mention shopping???  Yes, shopping, shopping, shopping for Christmas.  So much for another year of 'getting a head start'!  One of these years I'll get it right!?

WHEW...last thing on our minds was/is blogging...Sorry folks (however I have been keeping up with everyone else's blog adventures when I get a spare minute or two.)

Well here is a few updated photos of our little guy, who is not just walking, but running all over the place.  So much to tell and so little time...I promise more details after the holidays.  Until then... A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON TO ONE AND ALL!!!!!

 Just a few of our family shoot...not easy with a 15 month old and a puppy...WHEW!

 Still not sure about this guy with the beard???

 Keeping warm at night-time Zoo lights.

A FULL day at the State Fair where Blaze:
Rode the little roller coaster

the huge Ferris-wheel... NO FEAR!!!

Enjoyed the sights with Papa and Grandma,

and met a whole bunch of new furry friends.

 One of Blaze's FAVORITE things to do every day...hiding Neyla's food ALL over the house.

 Who needs the fair?  This ride is awesome!

I LOVE the zoo!!!

 0 to 1 year of growth chart done...I know a little crowded.

" How many pennies is that water heater repair man???"

Everyone LOVES Grandma!

 Still the happiest little boy in the world!!!

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Daria said...

Rhonda, Merry Christmas to you and your family! You are truly blessed!! You little man is so adorable, I love that last picture.

GeGe said...

Have a blessed Christmas with your oh so beautiful little boy.

Johnny and Darren said...

Merry Christmas Rhonda, Gerry & Blaze!

Have a wonderful Christmas day. Your photos are simply beautiful, look how much you little man has grown!

Johnny, Darren & Noah

Jeff and Kevin said...

He just seems like the happiest little guy on the planet. I think it's because he has two awesome parents :) Happy hohoho to you all.

Mandy said...

HOHOHO!! Merry Christmas to the Wile Family!! Oh Rhonda, you know i love your posts and pics!! I enjoy waiting for updates, wink wink, lol.

Cant wait to hear all about Christmas with Blaze!! Enjoy it all.

Mike and Mike said...

Blaze is just adorable and he has gotten so big! Have a lovely Christmas!

FET Accompli said...

Love, love, love the pictures!!! Thanks so much for posting them. Happy holidays!!