Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A love a MILLION times stronger

The other day we were at the park.  Gerry and I walked hand in hand as we watched Blaze run through the grass smiling away.  We were both thinking the same thing, 'How lucky are we?  How many times did we hope and pray for a moment just like this?'  Those thoughts come so often and usually in the smallest and simplest of moments.  We think of the numerous times we wished we were that very couple watching their little one play.

I have kept a separate journal for Blaze to jot down my most intimate thoughts and capture all the little things he says and does.  Today this is what I wrote with joyful tears:

You are the most amazing thing in the world.  Every single day I am in awe of you.   I still can’t believe that you are ours and so perfect in every imaginable way.  I can’t even really put it into words.  I hope and pray that you will always know how very much you are loved and cherished. And know just how deeply we hoped and prayed for you.  Not one day goes by that I don't thank God for blessing us with such an incredible little boy.  Never did I believe that we would have given us such a child as perfect as you.  Just 18 short months ago the Doctor placed you in my arms and I could never know the strength of that kind of love that I felt at that very moment.  It is a love a million times stronger then any love I have ever felt and it grows stronger and deeper with every passing moment.  My heart feels like it will burst sometimes when I hear you say, "Mommy".  Such a simple word but one that I have never been called before and a word I will cherish forever.  You are my world my every breath, my life, my love, my everything.

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Mary said...

That is beautiful written, Rhonda and so true.

Anonymous said...

How beautifully put. And now you know the joy I felt every day raising you and your siblings, my beautiful family.God blesses us every day when we see our beautiful grandchildren faces in all of you. Children are a gift that we are given and we should never take them for granted,they are a truly a blessing. Praying every day for our newest additions and a healthy outcome for all of you.

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