Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Growing Family

Proud to introduce you to our growing family:

1st to arrive on July 18, 2011 at 0909 was baby girl Dylan Tara, followed by her little brother 15 minutes later Jett Ajja.  Both are healthy and back at the hotel with us now.  Born at 34 weeks 3 days, we couldn't be happier at how great they are doing.  Blaze is LOVING India and all of the amazing sights and people, especially his God Parents, Dr. Yash and Dr. Sudhir.  We are here till the 17th of August and hope to make the most of our last trip to India (our home away from home) for quite sometime.  

Me and my God Papa
 Loving my God Parents

 First Family Photo

Yep...that's our boy~!

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Mandy - email said...

I was in tears when i saw the happiness in your faces including BLAZE!!! he is sooo cute and loving his siblings to bits and pieces. They are gorgeous, i am so happy for you all and cant wait to read more updates.

Love the pics!!! Enjoy your time in India :)

kristin said...

Dad, Rhonda! They are beautiful! All three of them. Wow, I am so blessed to have three precious brothers and sister. I hope you are well in India, oh how I would actually love to be there right with you all. I wait for the day when I can give them all a big hug and kiss and tell them stories and get to know each one of them. I love you all very much, may you be well and though tired, may joy and delight of great things for you, knowing Someone bigger gives life as a gift for you to raise, be your strength.

I love you all heaps and miss you much!

Love kristin

Bobby said...

That's fantastic! We can't wait to meet them! Will there be a coming home party?

Molly said...

They are so beautiful, congratulations, enjoy your stay and may your journey back home be a peaceful one !

surrogacy said...

vow! its great blessing having babies with, have wonderful journey in India.........
all the very best .

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda & Gerry,
They are beautiful, i am so happy for you. I want to know how & when you added Blaze to your medical insurance policy in Arizona. What documents do we need? Since we are looking into surrogacy in India using an indian egg donor & my husband's sperm, do we need any extra legal documents to prove us legal parents.

crystal said...

Thanks for sharing the new photos of your family, they are beautiful.