Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our 'App'azine.

Our story (Our Family: Made in India) by Ringier:

"The Global Baby," the Second Issue (May 2011) of the Collection Appazine Series for iPad Tablets

We were extremely pleased with the story and are hoping it helps to spread the word about surrogacy in India as an option to infertile couples.

Here are a just a few of the marvelous still photos taken here in Arizona and Mumbai.  All thanks to the ever so talented Katja and of course our journalist extraordinaire Tilman:

All photos and video courtesy of (Katja Heinemann / The Collection Magazine)  also the link to download the app:

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crystal said...

Thanks for sharing! I loved the photos.

FET Accompli said...

Wow - I watched the i-preview, so neat!

Mandy - email said...

Wow Rhonda and Gerry, just wow. Great story and GREAT GREAT pics, LOVE IT ALL!!

God has truly blessed you with a beautiful family!!

Daria said...

<3 <3 <3 your story!! So motivational for so many! Hugs to the docs :)

Greg, Rob and Our Little Girl. said...

Beautiful pictures of everyone! Happy Happy Birthday BLAZE!!!!!! Love, Rob, Greg, and Addy