Saturday, May 31, 2008

They call me, 'Princess Red, White and Blue'.

Yep, its official the Canadian girl finally became a full fledged American as of Thursday May 22nd. At work they had a surprise celebration for me and I walked into a fully decorated office. What a wonderful welcome at my new job!

Had a great long Memorial Weekend, as Gerry was able to make it home for a short but sweet 2 days. We went tubing along the Salt River and just enjoyed some quality time together. It was SO awesome to see him and we both agreed that 'absence does make the heart grow fonder'. We are still trying to figure out how we did it for 10 long months when he was serving in the war in 2004??? Apparently we are both getting sentimental in our old age as it is definitely harder being separated now then it was back then. Without sounding too corny; we both agreed we have fell more deeply in love over the years and hate to be separated! Frankie was so very excited to see him, her tail went in circles over and over again.

We have been in constant contact with both the Docs and they have recently graciously asked us to be a spokes person for them on their new blog for Surrogacyindia: I am honored to be even asked to do this for them both and hope to do them and the company justice. We have already referred a few couples to them and hope their experience is as wonderful as our was.

We are still seriously looking into returning to India in late August for a second go around. The Docs are currently in talks about our options to hopefully increase our odds and make it a happy ending.

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Brian said...

Hello Princess RW&B! Congratulations on the citizenship!! I came across your blog and wanted to express my sorrow that your surrogacy was negative. My wife and I too went to Mumbai for surrogacy. We just became the proud parents of twins girls! I linked to your blog from mine as I feel you are an inspiration to all of us who have tried time and again for children. Keep your head up and give it another go! I think ya'll would be super-duper parents!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Princess, but your my step mom so it's more like Queeny red white and blue!! Congrats! So glad to hear about August, Dad filled me in!! Praying for you!