Thursday, October 9, 2008

Patiently waiting...

We are still waiting for donor profiles and are extremely anxious to see them and make our choice. We are really excited about the idea of moving along in our journey in a slight different but exciting direction. If all goes as planned we will be starting another cycle as early as end of November.

We are both keeping busy with work and household stuff. Here are some of our latest photos. A picture of our newest 18 foot saguaro cactus (only found in this part of AZ) and me all dressed up for work in my salwar kameez we got in India.

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Amani said...

Rhonda - you look gorgeous. Have you had your hair done recently? It looks lovely. I've seen you curly before. I am looking forward to buying something similar in India. They are so elegant!

I have a stack of saris here in my sewing cupboard. I use them to make belly dance costumes. You can see some of the finished products at my website ( I wore a green and gold sari to my 30th birthday party.

I am a fabric girl. LOVE fabric. I LOVE making things from fabric.

I suspect my children will be dressed in sari onesies rather than terry towelling. I also suspect very soon I will start making little Arabian belly dancing costumes for my friends' babies. All my Indian surro friends, that is.

Love you as always

AM/Meg xxx

I am so happy you are moving ahead. You are absolutely doing the right thing. And you haven't quit on your own genetics, just put that path on hold.

You are truly brave, and so inspirational for so many of us who have yet to even take our first trip to India.

Mike and Mike said...

I have cactus envy.

Mike A.