Friday, October 17, 2008

What a wonderful surprise!!!

1045 pm last night the phone rang and it was Dr. Yash. She called to say that Rehka our surrogate wanted to speak with us but that it wouldn't be for another hour or more as she had to travel to the clinic and asked if it would be too late. Of course I wouldn't give up a opportunity like that! So I tried desperately to fall back to sleep while I waited, but no such luck I was much too excited. Unfortuneately Gerry would miss out as he was working. It was so wonderful to hear her voice say 'hello Rhonda, how are you?' Dr. Yash helped translate as she told me how her son was so fond of Gerry and I and keeps asking when we will be back. She proceeded to say that when he found out his Mom wasn't pregnant he told her that maybe he hadn't taken good enough care of her. It made me sad to think that a 13 year old boy would even burden himself with such a task, but so completely touched that he would and had done so dilegently. What an amazing young man! I told her to be sure to get her Christmas list together for the whole family as we needed some ideas for gifts to send. We laughed and joked about how she wished I was there during the recent Devali festival so we could go shopping together. She said she is absolutely ready to try again for us. Dr. Yash ended by telling me that Rekah had called her to ask if she could make the trip (a long trip at that) to the clinic that day just to talk to me. I was completely touched. Needless to say I got very little sleep last evening after that as I was on cloud nine the rest of the was well worth losing a nights sleep in my books!!!

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Amani said...

Rhonda, Gerry and Frankie,

I am really emotional today. I have tears from this post. Lovely tears. (Have had yucky tears the past week).

How wonderful. What a gorgeous little man .. kids do tend to blame themselves for anything and everything. They have yet to grow up and realise not everything in life is under their control. It just goes to show you how much this little boy wants his mom to carry your babies.

I hope we have a similar relationship with our surro (Chaya) ... but we are nowhere near close to meeting her at this stage.

Sob (happy sob)

Am xx

PS. Amber wants to know if they have a dog.