Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Angel's Nursery in Progress...

We have done a lot of hard work...but we think it has paid off.
We can't wait for our baby to see their new home!!!

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Sarah said...

Wow! Rhonda and Gerry - your's baby's nursery is so wonderful! I just love how bright it is and the mural is just out of this world. I would like a couple of those beautiful butterflies on Brielle's walls! So many personal touches! I loved to watch the clothes in the closet grow!

Daria said...

One word: AWESOME!!!!

Jaymee said...


you give me hope that it can be done. most people just show you the after, which makes me want to hide or move.

Jackie said...

You guys have done good! Looks like you are all ready for your little miracle.

We are just starting to think about shopping! I have been so nervous to start, but seeing all your stuff is making me want to go NOW!