Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa's little helpers!

We made it!!! After 3 hours of waiting in line and 2 trips to the post office we FINALLY got our parcel off to India. It was a chore, but it is SO worth it when we think of the smiling faces of those who will be receiving gifts from America this Christmas. So many gifts... 40 plus pounds! Goodies for our amazing Docs; Dr. Sudhir and Dr. Yash, her sweet little girl Megs and of course our wonderful surrogate and her entire family(even Grandma). Complete with a small Christmas tree to decorate and stockings for all. We hope we didn't forget anyone.

Now we can concentrate on buying for family and friends here at home.

Today we took Frankie to visit Santa too and get her very own photo with Santa Claus.

The lights are up, the tree is trimmed and we are enjoying the beautiful weather while we await the BIG day!

On the surrogacy front: Our Egg Donor has her cycle start any day now and in the coming days we should be receiving news of how many follicles she has for retrieval. We are hoping and praying for some very happy news of a bundle of joy(or two)in the new year.

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Amani said...

Holy COW!!! Wherec have you found time to shop, and do those renos, and take Frankie for a Santa pic?!!! I am so going to take Amber for one too. I never thought of it before. Thanks for the tip.

I am hanging for news of your results. Bob and I chose an Indian ED to cycle incase the SA thing doesn't happen. Woah - how lovely are those women?! Will email you when we return and we'll chat docs and EDs ... especially Dr S!

Carrie Jo said...


We all are so excited to celebrate with you when you gets news of a positive pregnancy. Can't wait to hear updates!

jojo said...

How exciting! It's all good news from here on in, I can feel it.


Kerrie and Mark said...

Frankie looks great! Santa's eyebrows are odd! Fingers crossed for you and certainly deserve some good news.