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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IT'S A GO!!!!

Flight booked (Phoenix to Mumbai leaving Aug. 29th early a.m and arriving late night on the 30th)...CHECK.

Hotel room booked (VITS Mumbai again...thank you RCI vacation club)...CHECK.

Gonal F in the refrigerator...CHECK.

Taxi driver Agit booked(thanks Lisa and Bob)...CHECK.

Sending my Canadian passport to San Francisco for Visa transfer into new U.S.A passport...CHECK. (just for the record, India Visa center would not allow the transfer of a Visa from a Canadian to an American passport, so we had to reapply)

Surrogate profiles being reviewed...CHECK.

The check-off list is coming together. We will be in Mumbai a full 2 weeks and are in the midst of planning a short get-away while there. It is happening all over again. Hang on tight we are going for another fast ride. Gerry will be home in 12 short days and it will be full steam ahead for the both of us.

Wish us luck and we will keep you posted every step of the way...once again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I have the most AMAZING husband!

Gerry was home for a short but sweet visit. We JUST spent time together, nothing fancy or unique or planned just TOGETHER.

We visited one of our local Indian Tandoori Restaurants with our friends Mel and Brijesh. Gerry was so proud of himself when he ordered from the menu for everyone. We called and spoke with the Docs and it all seemed so exciting to think of our upcoming trip back to India.

A long standing joke between us is that Gerry being the 'I work with my hands man' he is, doesn't wear his wedding ring very often. So, I tend to tease him and give him a hard time every now and then. For years he has told me he was going to tattoo his ring finger. When he arrived home he surprised me with the most thoughtful, loving thing he has ever done. I thought he would always just get a simple band to signify our marriage but, instead he did so much more. He had a Celtic Love Knot which symbolizes never-ending love. It represents infinity and everlasting love. There is no end and no beginning, only true love, binding together two souls. I was beyond touched with his love and compassion. Once again after almost 10 years together, I realized that I fall more in love with Gerry every single day.

By far a fabulous weekend with the man I love!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Feeling real...again!

Well, today we received our first doses of Gonal F. Its feels like the first step to starting the crazy journey all over again. I am scared and excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time. Again...a whirlwind of emotions! I don't know if its easier or not the second time around, but we are soon to find out. Its been difficult making plans long distance between India, Arizona and Texas. It will be great to have Gerry home this weekend so we can do some 'India' planning together, not to mention some MUCH needed alone time.

I have been keeping up with Lisa and Bob's BLOG and feel so connected to them as we were there their first go around. It makes me feel so good inside to read about their journey and what great treatment she is getting from the Docs. You can only say things and hope for the best, but until you actually get to meet them both in person then you truly see exactly what we have said about them. Plain and simple they are AMAZING individuals through and through. We are saying tons of prayers for Lisa and Bob and hoping this will be the blessing they have been working so hard for.

The Surrogacy Support Group is going great! So many views and people joining from all over the world to share their stories, learn and give support. Many individuals saying that our BLOG has been very inspirational for them. I only wished I could open up my heart and life to those wondering and experiencing their own surrogacy journey and just maybe shed a little light and hope their way. The feedback I have received is more then I could ever have imagined and not at all what I expected. What a wonderful feeling.!!!

So cheers ya'll to a happy 4th of July and of course I can't forget today, Happy Canada Day for those of us dual citizens!