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Monday, August 24, 2009

Mommy and Daddy Are Here


We arrived at the hospital Monday morning just when KT was having her NST (no stress test) done. She was laying in her bed in a room that she is sharing with one other woman and her small child. As the machine let us hear the heartbeat and it printed out a strip, all was calm. As soon as Gerry and I each placed our hands on her belly, the heartbeat elevated and the kicking started, AMAZING!! It was as if our little Angel knew we were there. Our baby is in the proper head down position and ready to come on out. It was amazing to feel her tummy and our baby. KT was full of smiles and is feeling SO great, 'just bored to tears' with all of the forced bed rest. Poor thing, she is such a trooper, and we told her over and over how wonderful it was to see her and how excited we are about the birth. We will see her Tuesday afternoon, hopefully just prior to the birth of our angel.

We stopped at the Haiku grocery store in Hiranandani and got a few snacks. They have most everything that is needed once the baby arrives. We personally bought everything in the US, and brought it with us as we wanted to take no chances on not being able to find just what we needed, but if we run out of anything we know just where to go.

This morning we packed our baby's and Mommy's bags for the hospital. I kinda felt like a pregnant lady preparing my bag for the delivery room. It was really exciting. We had to pick out a cute first outfit and lots of goodies for a couple days stay. Gerry also got to pack his Diaper Dude Camo baby bag, stuffing it full of all of the essentials for our soon to be many outings in Mumbai with our little one, including the very important Thursday morning trip to the US consulate.

Dr. Yash received a phone call from Dr. Soni while we were at the hospital visiting KT. She was at home celebrating with her own Ganpati for the Ganesha Festival and asked if we were all coming over for lunch. We arrived and were welcomed with open arms. Dr. Soni served us personally with a tali of all homemade veg cuisine (made personally by her). It was so delicious. Gerry even enjoyed seconds. Her family and many of her staff and co-workers from Hiranandani were there as part of the celebration. It was so wonderful to experience such an authentic Indian custom and an honor to be invited to join them.

Tuesday we spent the day at the SI clinic visiting with the entire SI team and me, playing nurse to Dr. Sudhir who is still feeling ill. Poor thing, he so wants to be a part of the action but is so exhausted. It was so nice to meet all the newest team members and some familiar ones as well. They were so welcoming saying it was 'so nice to finally meet us, as they have heard so much about us.' We even had a surprise visit from Amit (SI lawyer) who sat and caught up with us. He talked about what a momentous birth this is for him and SI as we were his very first contract signing and he has been a part of our journey from day one. He joked about how we should write a book. It was a bustling day at the clinic, but we tried to keep Dr. Sudhir in some sort of quarantine and spent a lot of time in the back room chatting and laughing with him and helping to administer his medications. It felt good to be his personal nurse for the day.

SI legal team

Gerry and Amit (SI lawyer)

We stayed till dusk and headed back to the hotel and enjoyed all the celebrations in the streets on the way. We arrived at our hotel in perfect time to see a big Ganpati passing by complete with all of the the dancers and band. We stayed to take pictures and video and were immediately spotted and grabbed to join in the fun. Gerry stayed back to take pics and I got drenched in pink/red powder and danced with the girls for a few minutes. It was quite funny and a moment we will not forget. The band stayed right in front of the hotel for quite a while showing their musical skills to us foreigners. We felt very touched to be included in their celebration.

We received a quick update from home that Frankie is doing well and has already become attached to Lauren. What a relief it was to know she is in good hands and hopefully she doesn't miss us as much as we do her.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. We should hear from Dr. Yash in the morning after Dr.Soni snips KT's stitch to let us know what time we need to head over to the hospital. We are packed and ready to go at a moments notice. In our p.j's if need be! Nothing is going to stop us from being there the moment our baby is born.

Thanks to everyone for the many emails and numerous comments here on our blog and on Facebook. We feel the excitement in everyone like you are right here beside us experiencing it every step of the way.