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Monday, July 25, 2011

Life as a family of 5 (insert great big toothy grin here)

Still can't get over that our little family of 3 overnight grew to 5?!  It seems surreal still when I look at these two precious new bundles of joy.  How on earth did we get so blessed?  So far (touch wood) both the little ones are a very similar to Blaze's temperament.  Jett is the relaxed 'chilled out' one who stares with his big beautiful eyes at you.  He is so similar in looks to Blaze when he was a newborn.  He likes his soother and loves to snuggle into his sister.  He is so relaxed it takes us much longer to wake him up during his feeds just to get in the minimum amount of nutrients.  Dylan is very different.  She is definitely a princess already.  Her little tiny facial features (and Daddy's nose) are just like a little girl should be.   She eats like a champ, putting her little brother to shame.  She looks around very bright and alert, but very quietly taking everything in.  She is our little alarm clock.  When its time to eat, she lets us know!!!  She wants nothing to do with her soother and loves to grab onto everything her little hands can get a hold of.  I think we may have a diva in the making.   Both of them love to be snuggled in their swaddlers (aka straight jackets...right Tracy?).  They sleep wonderfully and love to get kisses after kisses after kisses from their big brother. 

We are so happy to be back in India again.  This is our 5th trip, and its amazing how differently we look at things that were once so very foreign to us.  I even venture out on the rickshaws by myself now.  Seeing Blaze interact with his God Parents has been absolutely priceless.  It brings us both such joy to see him with them.  He took to them immediately and loves to be with them every chance he gets.  It feels like yesterday when they brought him to our hospital room after discharge from the NICU.  He is so full of love and he certainly showers them with affection.  It is more then I could have imagined it would be.  We tell him all the time how very special his God Parents are and how they helped to create him.  The fact that he took right too them from moment one is proof that kids have a keen sense about them.  He asks for God Papa and God Mama all day long when they are not here with us.  He jumps into their arms with the biggest smile when they first arrive and never wanders far from their sides.

We are staying at a different hotel for the very first time this trip.  Its a Marriott chain and is called the Lake Side Chalet executive apartments.  We couldn't be more pleased with our accommodations.  It is a 15 minute rick shaw ride to Hiranandani hospital and to Powai shops and grocery store.  The room has a kitchenette with stove, microwave, large fridge, etc.  They even had a play yard set up for us when we arrived.  The hotel has lots of green plush trees and grass surrounding it and walking paths throughout.  It has 8 restaurants including a wonderful buffet breakfast each morning with fresh blended fruit juices made right in front of you and made order pancakes, french toast, eggs, name it you got it.  The waiters absolutely love Blaze and bring him his special highchair and kids plate every morning when we arrive.  The have a beautiful play room that is open for the kids from 3-6pm daily with 2 women providing activities and toys etc.  They have 2 huge edgeless pools and kids pools.  A resident stray kitty ('Meow' as Blaze likes to call it) who comes to greet us daily at the front doors.  A private rick shaw driver who takes you anywhere on the property with his fancy painted rick.  He too has fallen in love with Blaze and while Mommy and Daddy take a walk with the twins, Blaze goes riding up and down the paths with his new best friend.  Their are laundry rooms on each floor and you can do your wash for free any time.  That has been a huge bonus as with newborns you tend to create a LOT more laundry then expected.  They provided us with a roll-away cot today for my niece to sleep on when she arrives tonight.  It was more like a plush twin bed.  We were amazed!  We can't say anything terrible about this place it truly is awesome accommodations for IP's to stay for baby pick up.  

We have been quite busy with the little ones, but have managed to get in some visiting.  Last evening we went with the Docs to Amit's (our local travel guy and dear friend) new home for dinner, hosted by him and his lovely wife, Shikha.  The twins were their usual relaxed self and slept the entire time.  Blaze was of course the center of attention and loved dancing with Shikha while we watched the IIFA awards televised from Toronto.

We have plans to visit Blaze's surrogate KT and her family.  She has just now decided she would like to be a surrogate again and is currently being cycled for another SI client.  We are so pleased that she had a good first experience and is wanting to do this once again.  She told the Docs, the first (Blaze) was for a new home and now this 2nd one is for her boys education.  She is an amazing woman, we can't wait for her to see Blaze in person for the first time. 

We saw FB (the twins surrogate) in the hospital briefly before we discharged, but plan on meeting up with her again to give some gifts to her and her family and get to know her a little better. I also have planned a full day of shopping with her once she is up to it. 

We want to take the ferry over to Elephanta Island so Blaze can see the wild spider monkeys.  And are hoping to take a short get-away outside of Mumbai.  We are also wanting to take the entire SI staff out for a day of fun to show our appreciation for all they have done for our surrogate and us.

We have met a few other IP's here in our hotel from Rotunda and SI.  It is nice to be able to share our experiences in India and show off our new little bundles of joy.

Gotta cut this short....babes are calling.  Absolutely love that sound.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Growing Family

Proud to introduce you to our growing family:

1st to arrive on July 18, 2011 at 0909 was baby girl Dylan Tara, followed by her little brother 15 minutes later Jett Ajja.  Both are healthy and back at the hotel with us now.  Born at 34 weeks 3 days, we couldn't be happier at how great they are doing.  Blaze is LOVING India and all of the amazing sights and people, especially his God Parents, Dr. Yash and Dr. Sudhir.  We are here till the 17th of August and hope to make the most of our last trip to India (our home away from home) for quite sometime.  

Me and my God Papa
 Loving my God Parents

 First Family Photo

Yep...that's our boy~!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally Some Long Awaited Photos (from Doubly Blessed)

So here are some pics of our little Angels,

Jett (left) & Dylan (right)

 God Papa and his little man.

 Jett (back) & Dylan (front)

 Daddy in his glory

 Daddy gets to hold his new babies

 Blaze would point and say, 'India?'

 First family photo

 At the Salon (baby style)

 Dylan (left) & Jett right. 

 Just like Daddy

 The VERY BEST God Parents in the world.

Baby boy Jett

Little Miss. Dylan

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Discharge Tomorrow... (from Doubly Blessed)

So sorry everyone, we have had our hands full between the new little ones and trying to entertain Blaze all at the same time and making frequent trips back and forth from hospital to hotel. It is definitely a challenge when bringing a toddler along. Although sleep deprived and no time to update we are managing and wouldn't change it for the world. We had my niece Micaela planned to come with us at the end of the month, but when the twins wanted out earlier, it put a little wrench in those plans and now we are alone till Sunday. Worst part is that its now with them at the hospital we need her the most. Oh, well we are making due.

Twins are not like a singleton at all. Not that I anticipated it being the same, but it is much harder (as I imagined it would be).

Blaze is turning the uber charm on for all the ladies and they are eating him up. Even the waiters at the hotel come and take him for little walks around the lobby. He is definitely the center of attention and a little star and loving every moment of it. It was so awesome to see his God Parents faces when he ran to them and smiled and gave huge hugs and kisses. Definitely a touching moment and one for the memory books.

I don't have time to post photos as internet and sleep are at a minimum. Sorry. All I can tell you is both Dylan (pronounced Dillon like a boy and not Dielon as the sisters call her...LOL) and Jett are wonderful. They are itty bitty and their preemie outfits are even big on them. But they are healthy and eating like champs. They are perfect with full heads of hair. We already are seeing their different personalities at just a few days old. It is amazing how little they are and SO healthy. They spent less then 24 hours in the NICU and will most likely be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. WOOOO HOOOO!!!

I promise once back at the hotel and settled in a little I will plug in the camera and post some pics of our furry (yes I said furry...they have lots of preemie body hair) twins. For Dylan's sake its a good thing this only lasts for a while. :)

Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes. We are still in shock that our little family of 3 plus dog turned into 5 plus dog at the blink of an eye. We can't believe they are ours and that we have been doubly blessed through surrogacy in India.

Till next time. Big hugs from the 5 of us here in Mumbai.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing To the World... (from Doubly Blessed)

A new little brother and sister for Blaze. We will have all the little details with pics tomorrow. But for now we are simply over the moon with excitement about our newest additions. We made a valient effort, but the twins couldn't hold on for just 2 more hours.

First to come into this world on July 18th around 9pm, via natural birth was our little girl DYLAN TARA (4.0 lbs tall & slender one )followed by her brother 4.2 lbs (the big head) @ 925 pm, JETT AJJA (@ 15 Mins later). The Docs met us at the airport with the wonderful news , after being one of the first people our little ones saw. Dr. Yash even got to witness their birth.

We are happy to report both FB and the twins are doing well. We will get you see them tomorrow morning. We cant wait.

Thank you all for your continued support and kind well wishes.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

While We Wait (from Doubly Blessed)

We are currently waiting for our connecting flight to Mumbai in Paris. We got 15mins. Of Internet so I checked our email and saw an update from Dr. Sudhir:

I have mixed news for you.
The Oxygen saturation was slightly dropping for FB. The babies are doing fine.
SO Dr Yash and Dr Anita have stopped duvadilan drip and started her on pitocin (to induce labour).
This means the babies will arrive before you arrive.

This was last night, So now, we are just waiting for any further news. Our priority is FB and our babies. It would have been wonderful to be there and possibly have the chance to go in for the delivery, but not at the expense of the three of them. We know Dr.Soni will do what is best for FB and the babies so we are not at all concerned. They are in the very best of hands.

This is all so nerve racking. You'd think it would all be easier the second time around???

We are coming babies and if ours isn't the first faces you see, then you have the VERY best next thing...your amazing God Parents!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Heading to India...Sooner then Later! (from Doubly Blessed)

Well the latest update is FB is relaxing and hasn't further progressed, so we may have a few more days.

We booked our flights and leave bright and early this Sunday the 17th. We arrive in Mumbai on Monday the 18th late at night.

We know our little ones and surrogate are in the best of hands at Hiranandani with Dr.Soni and Team SI watching over. So that in itself is a HUGE stress reliever for us.

Packing certainly doesn't seem easier this trip and I suppose the mad dash for last minute things doesn't help much either.

Thank you all for your support and kind words. Our surrofamily, friends near and far and our immediate family have all been so incredible. You will never know how great it feels to see you stopped by our blog to check in on us and leave a little love (comments) for us. Do please keep our little angels and dearest Surro Mom in your prayers.

We will keep you posted as things progress. Until then, I gotsta get to packing!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

WE ARE IN LABOUR!!!!! (from Doubly Blessed)

Need I say more...

OMG.... We just got the call. 4cm dilated and 70% effaced. Baby will be here today or tomorrow almost a certainty. Way too early for us, we are so not prepared. Mad scramble to pick of a few remaining items, start (yes i did sat START) packing, book flights, get hotel reservation changed, book my neice's flight straight to Mumbai to meet us there.

Here we go again. We hope surro Mom and babies are okay.

Watch this spot!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost Time (from Doubly Blessed)

Our babies 34 weeks:

Good Doggie

We are busy once again preparing for our 5th trip to India.  We can't wait to see the Docs and for them to see Blaze after almost 2 years. We are 34 weeks pregnant (see our babies bump here)! Prayers and fingers crossed that the twins surrogate waits for us to arrive on July 30th.