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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yep you read it right! and if you read the entire last blog post you would have already known....I must admit I am equally as guilty for skimming through all the many blogs I follow to get a quick update, as I feel like I have so little time keeping up with Blaze.  HA....just wait till the twins arrive...right????  That is exactly what has been going over and over and over in my mind since the day we got our first beta result on Dec. 14th.  561.7, my heart sunk...I have been in this surrogacy world too long to not know what those kind of numbers could mean.  Just 9 days later my worst fear and greatest joy would become a reality.  Twin separate gestation sacs!  We only wanted, hoped, and prayed for one?! head was spinning with a million thoughts.  Two newborns and an almost 2 year old at the same time.  How do we feed 2 babies and a toddler?  How do we change 2 babies and a toddler?  How do we sooth 2 babies and a toddler?  How? How? How?  I quickly started referring to all my fellow surrogate friends and blogs of twins just to find out.   I am especially going to be checking in on Todd and Alper as they have to be the ultimate pro's with 2 sets of twins just 6 months apart.  They have already assured me that we can do it.  But like I said when we found out we were pregnant with twins...'God only gives us what we can handle.  Well I think maybe God has a little bit more confidence in me then I do!'  (that goes for T & A too).

So here are all the specifics as I know many people wanted to know the details:

Many talks between us and between the Docs at SI about a sibling for Blaze over the last 6 months or so.  Can we afford it?  We better hurry and decide since we aren't getting any younger?  We don't want the kids to be too far apart in age?  Can we go through the roller coaster of emotions again?  We decide its NOW or NEVER and let's just jump in with both feet!!!

After 6 months of searching, Blaze's egg donor is found and the Docs tell us she is willing to do just ONE more cycle.  This has to be a sign of fate that we made the right decision.

Nov. 30, 2010 - Our amazing egg donor produces 18 eggs.  14 are mature.

Dec. 2, 2010 - 3 embryos are transferred to FB (our chosen surrogate)

Dec. 14, 2010 - The phone call arrives....POSITIVE PREGNANCY!  Beta number 561.7

Dec. 18, 2010  - 2nd beta number 2577.0 

Dec. 30, 2010 - Ultra Sound Report is as follows:

           CRL A   6.0 mm -  6 weeks 3 days - cardiac activity well appreciated in this fetus.

           CRL B   6.7 mm -  6 weeks 4 days - cardiac activity well appreciated in this fetus.

           CRL C   1.4mm -  Less then 5 weeks -  Cardiac activity not appreciated in this pole. :(

3 SAC's????  that's a surprise.  All I could think of is...'Thank God we don't have to go through the pain of a selective reduction.  Mother nature is taking over.' 

And so, here we are.  Not just pregnant, but pregnant with TWINS!

I still can't get used to saying that!!! How did WE get lucky enough to get a positive on our first try this time?  And all 3 embryo's implant?  Are they sure they have the right couple?  As many of you are aware that have been following us from the beginning, it took a few practice runs with Blaze before we got a positive.  How can this be???!!!

Just awaiting our next big milestone, the 13th week mark.  We are more anxious about this pregnancy obviously as twin pregnancies carry a higher risk.  We only hope and pray that it goes even half as smoothly as Blaze's pregnancy was.

I have said since day one what a GREAT child Blaze is.  Really I know how lucky we are!  Great health, great skin, great appetite, great temperament, great sleeper, just GREAT!  So...I have always said if we do this again the other child isn't always similar and in many times is the exact opposite.  Oh boy!  What did I wish for.  LOL 

Seriously though, we couldn't be happier.  It has (and still is) taking some getting used too, the thought of 2 more little ones and the thought that we are even pregnant again, but we truly are feeling blessed....DOUBLY BLESSED!

Our new blog dedicated to our 2 new little angels can be found here:  DOUBLY BLESSED IN INDIA.  After much thought we have decided to make this blog private, so if you want to follow along with the next journey please let us know.

To everyone out there who is trying and have had negatives or is just starting out...please don't give up, it CAN happen, just look at us and so many others who could truly be the poster children for this crazy journey we call surrogacy in India (right Kerrie ;)  )