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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gerry's cheating...

Okay, we are at 11 weeks today and counting! Gerry started to prime the nursery to get ready to paint. He is not playing fair! I know he is secretly buying stuff without telling me. The Doctors really want us to come for a visit and Gerry is convinced that this is a good idea too...I think I am out-numbered! So don't be surprised if we make a mid-pregnancy trip to Mumbai in the next few months.

Your Baby at 11 weeks:

All of your baby's vital organs are now formed and functioning, so the risk of defects decreases this week as your baby becomes less susceptible to outside influences. Phew! Other exciting
developments include:

Baby's ears are assuming their proper place this week and the fingernail and toenail bed
s are beginning to form. Your little "pumpkin head" really lives up to his nickname as his head is nearly as big as the rest of his body.

While testes or ovaries are completely formed now, don't start decorating the nursery. You won't be able to see your baby's gender for a few more weeks yet (not till birth for us).
Your baby is really on the move now. In an ultrasound you might be able to see your little acrobat flailing his or her arms and legs and doing somersaults worthy of Cirque du Soleil. KT still won't be able to feel any movement, so if KT feels something "kick" in there, it's probably gas.

This web site shows an ultrasound of a
10 week ultrasound. Check out 'baby George at 10 weeks'. It is amazing how much our baby is moving...already!

In the next nine weeks, your baby will increase 30 times in weight and almost triple in length. KT might feel like you're increasing 30 times in weight at this point, too, but we can assure she's not—because, honey, she ain't seen nothin' yet!

Your baby now weighs a third of an ounce, about the same as two small, Starbucks-sized packets of sugar, is about 2 inches long, the length of one of those sugar packets. Isn't that sweet?