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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting Out of Dodge... (from Doubly Blessed)

Well, we finally are ALL healthy. Better not say that too loud.

The twins turned 1 month on the 18th of August. Big brother Blaze will turn 2 years old on the 26th of this month. Also happens to be the day after (God willing) we return home from India. We LOVE India but this stay has been a little more then we could handle with sickness and unexpected DNA testing. It just seemed like at every turn of the corner we faced another obstacle. We have had little time to enjoy our friends and family or the many sights of Mumbai which is disappointing, but unfortunately that has not been our main priority this trip. We have tried to make the most of it and see the kids God Parents as much as possible, even if it means a quick visit to the SI clinic or a late supper here in the vicinity of the hotel in Powai.

We have also had the amazing pleasure to have seen both the twins and Blaze's surrogates a few times. FB we first met while still at the hospital after the twins birth. A few days later she came to the SI clinic and happened to literally run into us in the hallway holding the twins. It is SI's policy that the surrogate Mom's do not see the children after birth. It certainly wasn't our intention, but we had little choice at this point and so with the Docs okay, we went with it. She held both the twins and smiled and told me, she knows what a wonderful feeling it is to be a mother and so she was so happy to be able to help make me a mother. Yes, I cried like a baby. We gave her some small gifts for her, her husband and two kids and planned a further date to go shopping. During one of our Skype sessions she told us, what she would like most was to take me shopping. I turned the tables on her and today with the help of the lovely Heena at SI, FB, her son and daughter all made there very first trip to a local mall.  I gave her a set amount of rupees and we shopped till we dropped while Gerry stayed back at the SI offices with all 3 kiddos. Each of FB's kids got a full outfit and a wrist watch and FB got a beautiful saree. It was such an amazing day seeing them using an escalator for the first time and enjoying an ice cream together. It was such a heartwarming moment, one I will cherish forever.

We met KT (Blaze's surrogate)at SI's office and her entire family came. We had small gifts for them all and had such a lovely time catching up. Both her boys had grown so big in the last two years and they remembered us fondly as the ones who took them swimming in a pool for the first time. Blaze went to her immediately and she held him on her lap while he smiled and gave her hugs. Both her and her husband invited us to come and visit their new home and said, 'if it wasn't for you both, we wouldn't have it, so please let us share it with you.'. Needless to say there we a whole lot more tears that day as well. Today we were able to visit KT again as she has decided to be a surrogate again and while we have been in India she had her transfer and was lucky enough to get a positive pregnancy and so is at the SI surrogate house until her upcoming scan this week. We went with Blaze and visited her and all the 10 other girls at the house. They were all smiles and excited to see the chocolates we brought for them to share. Blaze was of course the center of attention and went right to KT and said her name. It totally shocked us all as we had told him earlier that morning we were going to visit KT, and just the fact that he recognised her and called her by name was so wonderful. He played with her bangles as he sat on her lap and all the ladies loved his charm. He blew them all kisses and smiled and laughed. I asked if she was happy, (referring to the fact that she was again pregnant as a surrogate) and she said,'Yes, she was very happy we took the time to come to see her again.'. Gosh we love this lady. KT walked us out to the outdoor gate all the while giving us hugs and kisses and endless smiles. We told her she will forever be a part of our family as when we look at Blaze we thank God for her. It has been such a wonderful and touching experience getting to know both the kids surrogates. It is sad as we know it will be quite sometime before we visit these special women again.

Jett is doing well, has a little bit to go before he catches up to his sister, but that's to be expected after 10 days in the hospital. He is SO wide-eyed and makes the cutesy faces with his wrinkled little forehead. He is definitely the quieter of the two and likes his pacifier every now and then.

Big sister Dylan continues to thrive.  She continues to 'run the show' and it a total DIVA!  She definitely has a very distinct personality and it will be interesting to learn about raising little girls with her.  She has the brightest eyes and doesn't miss a beat.  She is already holding her head up looking all around.  When she wants something, she wants it NOW and she let's us know it.

TWINS....this is a whole new, fabulous and exciting experience.