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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally...Our Prayers have been answered.

YES, that means its official...


We received our first call Saturday, January 10th at 0832am and heard both Dr. Yashodhara and Dr. Sudhir's voices say those long awaited words. 'You are pregnant!!!' Almost one year to the day since we began this part of our journey to having a family through surrogacy in India.

We waited to announce it here on the blog until we could tell our family and we received our second Beta test, so I (not Gerry) could be somewhat certain that it wasn't a false positive.

So, here are all of the details:

Saturday January 10th - our first Beta was 134.
Tuesday January 13th - it increased to 336.
This Saturday January17th will be our first ultrasound and we should find out if the sac is in the perfect spot and how many there are.

Gerry was so very excited from word one! Me on the other hand, well, I froze and truly don't remember any of the details past those 3 magical words. I am still feeling very cautious and a little bit in a fog as I still can't believe it is actually true.

We told my Mom and Dad first as we could tell them in person since they are "snowbirding" in Arizona for the winter and kept asking if we heard anything almost every single minute of every single day. Here was their unforgettable initial reaction when Mom opened the 'YOU HAVE A NEW GRANDCHILD' card:

and then the tears began...

and then of course the celebration...

and you know we couldn't forget our girl and new 'Big Sister', Frankie...

We had one unexpected last minute change that the Docs wanted to wait to tell us. We had to use our back-up surrogate. We had told them both from day one that we trust them 100% and whatever we have to do to have a family...make it happen. And so they did. Her name is confidential to protect her privacy, so we will call her KT for short.

Gerry has basically told every stranger in every store and anyone who will listen since he was sworn to secrecy until we told our loved ones first. We went to the electronics store this weekend and he tried to explain the concept of surrogacy to the store clerk, a teenage kid. We had to laugh as all the clerk could relate it too was, 'that movie, Baby Mama?' So in honor of how many of the strangers of the world will see our journey, here is one of our favorite clips:

YouTube - Baby Mama "Bun" - TV Spot

Another update on our parcels that arrived 1 month after dropping them off at the post office here in Arizona. We had meticulously wrapped and packed everything with such care only to find out that the customs folks in India had rummaged through the entire thing. The Doctors called up on the web cam and unpacked it all in front of us as all the gifts were unwrapped and all the names were no longer legible. But happily we were able to figure out what gifts were sent for each person and especially to see the joy on their faces as we watched from afar. Note to self...Do not send wrapped gifts to India if you want them to arrive in one piece!

We will certainly keep you updated as the days, weeks and months progress. Please keep saying those prayers for our surrogate (aka Baby Mama) KT and our little one or ones to remain healthy and strong along the way, and also continue with all of the positive comments that you have been leaving on our blog.