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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Okay so we are a little late...

but he is still as adorable as ever.  Tomorrow our little man will be 5 months old already.  Time sure flies when you are having fun!!!

Thanks Ivonne for my holiday hat and bib.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A new year...

As we begin 2010, we sit and reflect on the previous year. It was an AMAZING year for us and one that we will always remember as so very, very special. The year our Angel came into our lives. This very month last year we would hear those unforgettable words...'YOU ARE PREGNANT!' It was a long and difficult road and even after finding out we were pregnant, we stressed and prayed for a uneventful pregnancy. Our dreams took us over 4 years to come true, and our journey was filled with much grief and despair, but also some wonderful moments that we will cherish forever. Many, many friends and memories were made along the way. We were blessed with the most amazing son in the world, our little angel Blaze Xennon, born on August 26th, and then we were crushed by the loss of our most precious friend and companion, our beautiful Frankie girl on September 21st. It is said that when one life is taken away, another is brought into our lives. This was so true for us.

Photo by Fabien Charuau taken while in Mumbai

 Our lovely Frankie may she RIP

Blaze continues to be an amazing kiddo. He is trying to get the hang of his new jumperoo, but still doesn't jump very much. After much debate we chose the Fisher-Price Laugh 'n Learn Jumperoo for its reviews and mainly the fact that the idea of my strong little boy dangling in a doorway by two bungy cords made me a little uneasy, not to mention our home is not really equipped for those ones.  He loves the lights and toys and squeals with delight, taking it all in. Thank you Grandma and Papa for the awesome Christmas gift. 

 His 4 month check up and vaccines went amazingly well. Blaze once again was such a little trooper as he always is.

Dr. Gentile was amazed at how advanced he acts and said he looks 'like a 6 month old.'

Blaze just smiled and talked to Dr. Gentile the entire appointment. He weighed in at 14.1 lbs. which puts him at 45 percentile (Mommy won that bet guessing 14.2 lbs) and he is a very long 25.75 inches, which puts him at an incredible 75 percentile. The Doc says he is tall and with long arms. Yep, we knew that from the moment we brought him home from the hospital and Mommy nicknamed him her 'little monkey.'

The Doc also said that we can start him at stage 2 baby foods any time as they give more options and he is tolerating stage 1 foods so well with no reactions................ well

 .....except maybe for the chicken with chicken broth, that he made a nasty face at, and spit it and the rest of his supper back at me. Daddy is going to try that one again. I told him that he may just end up being a vegetarian (just joking).

 No...he hasn't actually started eating apples.  Just sucking on them with Mommy and Daddy's supervision.

Blaze continues to be on his daily routine that seems to work great for both us and him. He is sleeping completely through the night (for the last 2 1/2 months) going down between 8 and 9 pm and waking up between 7 and 9 am. We still have him on a 3 hour feeding schedule during the day and he continues to get rice cereal mixed in with his first and last bottles of the day. He eats rice cereal (Mommy likes to add prunes to keep him regular, Daddy likes applesauce) in the morning along with his bottle. Then stage 1 veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, squash) and a desert (pears, peaches, applesauce, bananas) for lunch and supper.  On the weekends when he wakes up, I go in and turn on his mobile and he lays and coos while I prepare his bottle.  He is definitely a morning person...unlike his Mommy.

He still LOVES his bath every night after supper.


He has power naps throughout the day, sleeping anywhere from 30mins. to 2 hours. My favorite thing is for him to snuggle into my neck after eating and falling asleep on my chest for his nap. It is the most incredible feeling to just hold him tight and stare down at his innocent little face.

Being a working Mom has had its ups and downs. The downside is that it breaks my heart to have to leave him every day for 9.5 hours. I don't want to miss out on a single moment of him growing and changing every day. The up side is that I know that it makes me appreciate and cherish the moments we have together all that much more. I think I have more patience and energy and because I am so excited to see him, I just take every minute in. Gerry gets him for 4 straight days when he is off shift, and we each get to spend time with him in the evenings. When Gerry works his 48 hours shift on a weekend, then I get him for 48 hours straight, YAY!  Our Nanny is totally awesome. She just truly adores Blaze and loves taking care of him. She is so dependable and so great with him. And a major bonus, she speaks fluent Spanish, and so she reads, talks and sings to him in Spanish.

Grandma and Papa are also really enjoying there time with their Grandson. Now that he is more interactive they have so much fun playing with him and he goes right along with it, smiling and giggling all the while.

It will certainly be hard for them to leave in April as I know they are going to miss out on some major milestones and him growing until they return in October once again.

Random Fun Pics:

Blaze and his little buddy puppy dog.

I love being upside down!

Going for a walk with Mommy.

In the big military fire truck with Daddy.

Growing, Growing tall!

YES, we do!!!!

I love standing up.

Football playoff are on...let me watch!