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Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheers from San Diego...

We arrived this afternoon after Rhonda set the alarm clock wrong and we left a couple of hours behind schedule. OH WELL...don't sweat the small stuff!

San Diego is everything everyone said it would be and more! We had a little tour of the city since we were geographically challenged (not lost) and finally made it to the entrance of the huge bridge that would take us to our final destination, Coronado Island, California. Gorgeous! Our little 12 room bed and breakfast is so quaint and romantic just the perfect spot to celebrate our 9 years of wedded bliss together as a family (yes that means Frankie too). We couldn't help but reminisce about last years anniversary in Mumbai and Dr. Sudhir bringing us our little cake and candle to celebrate after my long day at the hospital having my egg pick up. Definitely a day we won't soon forget. It seems like yesterday when we first arrived in Mumbai to begin this crazy adventure and now one year later we are celebrating our baby 17 weeks (almost 18) in utero. AMAZING! We definitely owe both of the Doctors a world of gratitude for all they have done and what great friends they have become. Without Dr. Yashodhara and Dr. Sudhir our dreams wouldn't have become a reality. Thank you Docs for making this an extra special wedding anniversary to celebrate!

So tomorrow we are off to Sea World. We both love animals and so are really looking forward to a day at the park. We are practising up for many trips with our little one, YAH right, who am I kidding we are the biggest kids of them all! It will definitly be a LOT more fun though to share with our child. The weather has been superb with a slight cool breeze (a nice change from the constant heat in AZ). It will be a short but sweet little get-away for us, but definitely one that was truly needed and well deserved.