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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Namaste from Mumbai

We are here !! and like I imagined, with limited internet access. Oh well, we will make the most of the time we have to update you a bit, some from the Docs office, some from the lawyers office...

We arrived, and again hit the road running. We stayed up late visiting and catching up with the Docs at the hotel. It was AMAZING to see them again. It felt just like old times. Sunday, our surrogate KT and her sweet husband J and two boys came to meet us at the hotel. They all were a spitting image of their photos and it was wonderful to finally see them. KT told the Docs that she had been seeing all the other surrogates getting visits from their IP's and she was sad, wondering when we would come. That made Gerry and I both say, 'this is why we needed to come!' It was a full morning full of laughs, smiles and fun. The boys were very shy but immediately got wide-eyed when the camera came out and the toys were given to them. It was very touching when the youngest boy came over to Gerry and gave him the Batman toy to remove from the packaging. Both J and KT were very shy, but it didn't take long for them to open up and talk and tell us how happy they were. KT was dressed in a beautiful pink dress sari that she had bought for an Indian festival. She loves to dress up and she truly looked radiant. We had a light lunch and gave them their gifts and was able to chat via the Docs translation. KT was speechless when she recieved her gifts. If we could only give her the world...we would. Not long after we were there she asked us to come visit her home. We were honored and very grateful, but made her promise not to prepare too much food for us. J told us with a chuckle, that KT was so excited to meet us she couldn't sleep all night. I told them I was the very same the previous day at work, waiting to leave for Mumbai.

We met up with the Mike's and visited with them and their perfect little girls, Rose and Eva. It was so nice to see them and see what a light at the end of the tunnel looks like. They are just as wonderful in person,as they are in their blog. Thanks guys for allowing us to pop in and share in the joy of your beautiful miracles.

We also had a very wonderful and completely unexpected visit from one of the forum members who was here signing contracts for an upcoming frozen embryo transfer. SJB and I have been in contact for many, many months and she is the 'loveliest' (inside joke) girl in the world. Meeting her and sharing in this experience has made our vacation even that more special (if that is even possible). She is absolutely great, and we enjoyed many laughs and tears and fun together. We have yet to meet and create such a bond with another IP as we have with her. We both agreed that our friendship will definitely last a lifetime.

Tuesday,we went for our scan with the awesome Dr. Shaunak. It was like old times seeing him again. KT again looked beautiful in an orange and black sari with the watch we had given to her the previous day. What a wonderful feeling to see her wear it. J again had us laughing with stories of KT and her sisters spending hours applying the make-up and the creams that we had brought for her. What can I possibly say to give you the real, raw emotion of experiencing our scan? UNBELIEVABLE! One of the very best days of our lives. Dr. Shaunak spent time showing us every single detail, the bones of the fingers, each arm and leg, the heart with each of its 4 chambers beating away, and its perfect little spine. I began to get teary-eyed seeing our little angel in all its glory. Then Dr. S put on the sound of the heartbeat and that was it...I lost it! Full on tears and completely choked up. The video I was shooting, I am sure was full of my emotion. Even Dr. S said, 'Oh, sounds like someone is getting emotional.' I wanted both Dr. Yashodara and Dr. Sudhir to be there as it was only fitting, they have been there from the beginning. I also asked J if he wanted to join us and so it was a full room of smiles and tears. This was the most amazing experience and one we will never forget. This was the reason we came to Mumbai and we are SO happy we did. A moment in time that will forever be etched in our hearts.

We got to meet up with KT and J again later that day for their routine check up with Dr. Anita Soni at Hiranandani Hospital. She got a clean bill of health and when we went in to see Dr. Soni again (for the 3rd time now, since starting our journey) we all had a good laugh when she said that KT's fundus was measuring 20+ weeks, 'Oh this is a big baby' and then looked at Gerry as said, 'Well I should have known she was your surrogate.' She was so happy to see us and celebrate in our success this time. She is great, and anyone who meets her immediately feels her warmth, strength and passion for her work. KT couldn't possibly be in better hands.

Well this about wraps up our very emotional, superb first few days, in the city that doesn't sleep.

Stay tuned for more tales and photos of our trip...