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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ready and Waiting

Short update from our awesome SI docs...

On Tuesday, KT went in to see Dr. Soni and she is doing great. Our little one has decided to turn himself around (from the breach position) and is ready to be delivered normally now. Today was just a quick check up. KT will have her ultrasound on the 14th (36.5 weeks) and that will determine where we are at. If things look good. Dr. Soni will look at snipping the cervical stitch a few days later and then let nature take its course. I was dying when Gerry called me at work this morning and said, 'Pack your bags we have to go!' He was only joking and was only getting me back for waking him up so early this morning with text messages asking what the news was from the Docs. Ha, Ha, Real Funny!! So here we are, waiting another 10 days and then we will book our plane tickets and take care of all of the last minute details. We are so happy that KT is doing so great and that our little angel is staying put for so long, but we are getting more and more anxious to see him/her and finally get off our pins and needles. Recently we have asked everyone numerous times if they have any requests for us to bring from the U.S, and to our surprise, KT's only request was for a leopard print fleece blanket to keep her warm this coming winter.

Well, Gerry got to speak with Dr. Soni last night to get all of the first hand information about our darling KT's latest checkup. As Dr. Soni put it "she is doing absolutely wonderful" and when he asked how the baby is doing, she said in her normal no-nonsense tone "the baby is big!! really big!!" She confirmed that the plan is still to have KT go for an ultrasound on the 14th and then around the 18th she will have the cervical stitch removed. Dr. Soni said that KT will probably not go into labor right away after the stitch is removed, so we should start making plans to arrive around the 20th and that KT will then be induced. We definitely want to be there for the birth. Dr. Soni said for us not to worry, that KT is in good hands and that we will be having a party when the baby is born. Wow!! Reality is really setting in, we are definitely in the home stretch now for sure.

We also got to spend some time with S & J the other day. J's Mom is visiting and we went for dinner at our local baby friendly hangout Red Robin. S surprised us with a beautiful hand-made scap book of pictures from our recent party. She did an amazing job and her personal touch makes it a wonderful keep-sake for years to come. Savannah is growing and getting more and more cuter every time we see her. She just couldn't keep her eyes off of Gerry. She is such a good-natured baby. We are getting some great hands on practice with her while we wait for her soon to be playmate to join us.

So now we sit and wait and hope and pray that we can plan our arrival down to the 'T!'