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Saturday, November 1, 2008

People who don't even know you???

Why do people make anonymous comments on blogs when it is on stuff they know nothing about??? They make it seem like you are a terrible person for sharing your feelings. They judge you without knowing the whole story (or even a small bit of the story).

Anyone wishing to make comments on our blog please sign your name, nothing is more frustrating for someone to take the time and effort to share, pour out their feeling and really put themselves out there for the world to see only to have someone bash them and be cowardly about it.

If you want your comments posted then you will all have to put yourself out there just as we have so generously done so.

For the person you seems to 'know me so well'. For the record...Have I been selfish and consumed in my journey?...ABSOLUTELY! But, I have NEVER forgot any one of my friends or family during this time, in fact, it has been just the opposite. When you can really use someone to lean on and they abandon you in your toughest of times because they are wrapped up in there own lives and what is important to them...then you can only question the true meaning of friendship. For me, friendship is a 2 way street, if you are there when they need you most, they should only return the favor.

You don't have to agree with either of our opinions or what we have to say, but be kind enough to sign your name. Thanks,