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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Half a world away.

We got a bit of scary news this week, KT had some spotting and had to be admitted to Hiranandani Hospital for observation. She didn't have any further spotting after 8 hours from being admitted, WHEW! They did a scan and our baby is fine. KT's placenta is lying slightly low and causing some pressure on the uterus. As a precaution they are going to place a cervical stitch to ensure all is taken care of, and our Angel will stay in it's temporary home until the right time arrives. KT will stay in the hospital for the rest of the weekend and Dr. Soni will do the procedure on Monday and keep her for a few more days of observation. She then will head to the SI clinic for some further bed rest and observation. We spoke with both Dr. Yash and Dr. Soni via phone. Dr. Soni is so amazing, giving us every detail and ensuring us all was fine and she stated, "I didn't expect her so soon, but now that she is here, I will take great care of her." She will give us a complete update Monday night after the procedure of how things are going. Dr. Yashodhara called us Saturday evening to ensure that we had a chance to speak with Dr. Soni and asked if we were 'okay' with them doing this recommended procedure. We absolutely trust both Docs and know that they will do what is best for KT and our baby.

Dr. Sudhir updated KT's medical records with all her recent tests and scans on our personal itinerary site the Docs arrange for all their IP's. Everything is looking good and we are thrilled to be kept so well informed.

These are unfortunately some of the difficulties in doing surrogacy in India. We feel so lost and helpless and only wish we could be there to hold KT's hand and tell her we are with her. To just be able to see her and know that she is okay. To be able to touch her belly and feel our baby move and know it is okay. We know she is in good hands with Dr. Yashodhara and Dr. Soni, but it is still so hard to sit here and wonder if KT is scared, or hurting or sad.

We have been truly blessed with a very uneventful pregnancy up until now. So we can't complain what so ever. Its just hard feeling so helpless and worried for our angel and our wonderful KT.

We told both the Docs to send her our love and let her know we are thinking of her. We can only hope and pray that gives her some comfort and the next 17 weeks go smoothly. Our due date has moved ahead once again by 3 more days. We are now due Sept. 13th.

Please say an extra prayer for KT and our sweet Angel.

I have been chatting on the phone with some very special surrogate gals and I am learning of stories of courage, strength, hope and joy. What amazing woman these girls are. We are from different countries, but all have one common bond. Its so nice to be able to share our journeys.

My wonderful assistant Barb and dear friend Jo are planning a going away/ baby shower for me/us at work. It is the buzz of the facility and everyone is so included. Gerry will be away for some military training in Florida (our old stomping grounds) for a week, so they are waiting till he returns on the 6th of June (the day after I finish at work).

An update on 'teaching an old dog new tricks'...Frankie is using her doggie door like a pro finally. She had to learn that it was okay for her to come and go as she pleases without getting our approval. Standing by the door staring at us appeared to be getting old, so she decided it was okay, and now we know she is using it routinely. I came home from work and couldn't find her anywhere in the house, after a short panic I went out in the backyard to find her sniffing around. I was SO excited, first because she was okay and second, cause she used her door all on her own! Oh boy, do we need a kid or what????

We just can't get enough of our baby: