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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life is GOOD!

I know I sound like a broken record, but we truly are blessed, blessed, blessed!!! Those people I am surrounded by, never cease to amaze me with their goodness and selfishness. You never really know how special some people are until they take you by surprise. I have been in my line of work for many years, and still to this day I am amazed at how wonderful some of my staff can be. Gerry and I have certainly not been shy about telling everyone about our journey. Through the highs and lows we have had so much support and so many kind remarks made to us. One of my Certified Nursing Assistants, who I see once in a blue moon, left me a beautiful card and gift the other day. A Willow Tree ornament and a toy for the baby. When I read the card, it brought tears to my eyes. Then the very next day, I received another smaller version of a similar ornament from a different C.N.A. I never imagined this kind of bighearted gestures from my staff. Being the Boss, you are not always well-liked, and I still believe that its the little things in life that make you a better person. Seeing my staff give to us and more importantly give to my patients so selflessly and with such compassion, makes going to work each and every day worth every moment. I do believe in the old saying, 'what goes around comes around!' and over and over it always proves to be so. The good people prevail and the not so good, well....need I say more.

Dr. Yash called Gerry the other day to say 'hello'. He said that hearing her voice really brought a smile to his face and brightened up his day. It had been a while since he had last heard from her since she was swamped with all of the IP's, surrogates and egg donors that they had to take care of for the past 2 weeks. He took the opportunity to ask how KT was doing and she said "GREAT!, she is so happy" Dr.Yash also said that both her and Dr.Sudhir think of our baby as their own and they are taking great care of KT as if we were there to do it ourselves. That kind of personal service and devotion to their clients is what sets SI apart from the others. And yes, I am a little biased!!

Kristin, Gerry's youngest daughter, and my step-daughter, leaves in just 2 days for India. We couldn't be prouder or more excited for her. We are certain she will adore India and all it has to offer. We are jealous that she will be able to be there for 3 months. We sent her a digital camera, so she can take thousands of photos to remember her once in a lifetime experience. Safe travels Kristin, we love you!

Well for our movie review. Slumdog Millionaire we loved it! Okay, so maybe because we love Mumbai and India in general, but it was a great movie! What made it so special for us was that we knew the places they were talking about and recognized so much of the movie. We are so happy at what it will do for India and for the people of Mumbai. It makes us proud to be a part of such an amazing and diverse country, it's culture and especially, its people.

Life is good...we are on an upward swing right now. Everything in our life is amazing and is going so well, I want to pinch myself every day! It has been so long since our lives were this wonderful. Our dreams are becoming a reality. I truly can't remember the last time when we felt this GREAT! Please God don't let me wake up from this beautiful dream!