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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And the baby is....


I suppose he/she is enjoying the warmth and comfort in KT's belly and knows we are here so, Why the rush???

We are dying with anticipation to see his/her little face and hold him/her in our arms.

Today we headed to the hospital with bags in tow, ready to check in for the night. We met up with Dr. Soni in between her rounds and she said that 'she didn't want to rush things.' We are in complete agreement with her and told her that we trust her fully and knows that she knows what is best and will hold on, although we are very anxious! She laughed at Gerry's nervousness and said, I know Rhonda will keep you calm.

So, we went up to visit with KT for a while. We spent over an hour with her and her hubby 'J'. She sat crossed-leg on the bed and barely looked pregnant. J's English is quite good and we were able to have a great conversation with them both. We smiled and laughed and reminisced over pictures of our last visit and shared pictures of the nursery. J said the boys wanted to know when Auntie and Uncle were coming back? We told him to pass along that we have Power Ranger goodies for them both. I held KT's hand and told her I would see her tomorrow prior to delivery and she grabbed my hand tight and smiled. It was such a wonderful bonding moment. We chatted about their new home that they would buy with the money they will receive at the end of it all, which would be any day, as her commitment would soon be over. We even managed to smuggle a few snacks in for KT from the little store in the hospital, as she is not a big fan of the hospital food. She giggled when we handed her the bag. She told us this pregnancy has been very good and very similar to that of her two boys. We are so thankful she has been so healthy. We couldn't have hand picked a better surrogate for us ourselves. She is an Angel and J is just as wonderful. They are so humble and appreciative. They thanked us over and over for this opportunity and we immediately returned that 'no' they are both the ones to thank endlessly for what they are doing for us.

This morning at breakfast was so nice. All of the staff members were coming up and asking us about 'the baby.' One of the chefs who we hadn't seen since our last visit in April, approached Gerry and said, 'hello sir, you are back. It has been 4 months since I last saw you. How is your baby?' We were shocked that he remembered us from our last visit and it was so heartfelt to know that all these people are so genuinely interested. As we left they all wished us 'Congratulations in advance.' And lots of prayers and good thoughts.

So it looks like tomorrow (Wednesday here in India, but it might still be Tuesday back in the US and Canada) is the BIG day for now. We are to arrive at the hospital ready to check in around 12 noon and Dr. Soni promised she should have more news at that time. In the event that our Angel decides to make his/her grand entrance over night, she said she will call Dr. Yash right away to inform us, and thankfully we have Agit, one of the SI drivers ready at a moments notice, and he lives only a few minutes away from our hotel, WHEW!!

So for now we wait.....