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Monday, January 19, 2009

Spreading the Word...

These 2 pictures are of my SUV complete with the new window film I had installed today. A large picture on the rear window, and 2 smaller pictures on the rear side windows. My firehouse is 53 miles one way from our house, so one day I thought that with me driving back and forth from the house to work this would be a great opportunity to try and reach out to those out there that are also suffering from infertility issues and might not know where to turn. Rhonda and I sat down and designed what we would like to have on the windows and then I took it to my friend Adam who put his artistic touch to it and then printed it up on this special window film which is actually completely see-through when you are looking out from the inside, it's pretty cool!!! So if we get even one person who seeks out Surrogacy India's help in their own journey to having a child, then it was well worth it.

Coming up with ideas like this is a way for me to try and take my mind off of worrying. Everyone thought that the 2 week wait was hard!!! Well let me tell you something, that is only the beginning!!! I am going crazy and it's only been just over a week since we found out that we are pregnant.

On Sunday, we spoke with Dr. Sudhir inquiring about what the next steps would be after the recent beta tests and ultrasound. We were so surprised when he said just wait a minute and he then sent us an email with the full itinerary of our step by step process laid out starting from the intial tests, then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters and then right up to the day the baby is born. As well, each step has the date which it will be performed. This kind of individual personalized service is definitely one of the reasons that we chose to go with Surrogacy India, along with about a hundred other reasons!!! So, from our personalized itinerary, our next step will be our 6-7 week ultrasound which is scheduled for around February 3rd. That seems so far away!!!

I also had an opportunity to speak with one individual from our extended surrogacy family yesterday. I wanted to talk about the recent DNA issues being instituted in India, that we have just found out about and I have been doing some research on my end and wanted to discuss this with them. What a great feeling it is to be able to reach out and talk with someone that you hadn't previously known, but now have a common bond through surrogacy. This is what Rhonda envisioned when she started her blog and also when her and Dr. Sudhir started the surrogacy forum which has been such an overwhelming success. We are definitely not going through our journey's alone.

We found out this morning that the Docs have already had 4 positive pregnancies for 2009, so we are hoping and praying for everyone to make this the year that their dreams come true.