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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our little Buddha

I am going back a little here, to when we were in Mumbai for the birth of our little one, but I had to dig out all the info and pics before I could really do this post justice.  Sorry for the delay.  Prior to going to India we both had mentioned to both of the Docs that we would like to have some sort of traditional Indian blessing for our baby.  We never really talked about it again and thought that maybe it had slipped their minds, since they were so busy.  So we just left it at that.

Much to our surprise, while in Mumbai, around a week after Blaze's birth, the Docs and members of the SI team, surprised the 3 of us with an authentic Indian Naming Ceremony and Celebration. It was truly a day of celebration all around. Not only was it Blaze's naming ceremony, but also the grand opening of SI's newly acquired extended office right next door to their present office.

SI's very first surrogate (Nagma) to deliver for an international IP (who also was KT's care taker) was there, and funny enough it was her birthday as well.  The entire team including our fantastic Docs, were all dressed up in different forms of beautiful Indian dress and there were decorations galore throughout the office.

Even the driver Agit, and our amazing Amit (our travel guy) were there.

Gerry and I were both so overwhelmed with their incredible kindness, it brought tears to our eyes.  The naming of a newborn is a very auspicious happening in the Indian culture.  It is said that the name is a lifetime thing and hence there is much excitement and showering of blessings on the baby.   Immediately as we arrived, everyone welcomed us at the door of the office with hugs and each of  us received a 'Tika' (ceremonies of the Hindus begins with a Tika topped with a few grains of rice placed on this spot with the index finger or the thumb) on our foreheads, even Blaze received one.

As we sat on the couch, we each were presented with gifts.  I had flowers placed in my hair and as the mother, I was also presented with gifts placed into a scarf laid across my legs of rice, coconut and henna.

Each had a particular meaning (figures I can't remember them).  We opened our gifts and to our amazement we were each given a traditional Indian top.


Can you believe it, they actually were able to find one that fit Gerry's broad shoulders, and we laughed at the size, XXXXXL!

We all changed into our new tops immediately and started the celebration.

In the center of the room there was a small cradle that was decorated with colorful flowers, ribbons and balloons.

All of the married women gathered around the cradle and Blaze was passed around as each of them said a male Indian name.

The last person to say a name, that is the name that is chosen and it is whispered in his ear by the Aunt (that was Gopa) and then it is said aloud for all to hear.

Blaze was then placed in the cradle by his Mother.

His Indian name is Siddhartha (pronounced Sid-art) and was Buddha's original name.  So now Blaze has 2 names and also a nickname. When we speak to the Docs they always refer to him as Sid.

The celebration continued with food (Nagma made a huge pot of the best biryani that we have ever had, YUMMY!!) and lots fun and conversation the rest of the afternoon.

We even got some henna (Mendhi) done.  Gopa tried for the first time doing it...I think she did a great job!

Even Gerry got into the action.

Then one of the surrogates came in and designed a full blown professional henna tattoo for me.  What an honor it was.

Even the sisters from next door taking care of the surrogates came by to see Blaze.

It was amazing and so wonderful in every aspect. What an honor to have everyone do this for us and our little angel.  At the end of a very long day, the guest of honor was a little tuckered out...

While in India, we looked all over for the 'perfect' little Buddha to put in Blaze's nursery, but ran out of time.  Once home I found this one:

Now its not totally authentic, but it certainly matches the colors of his room.

We chatted with the Docs last night.  They are both missing their Godson Blaze very much, but their office is showered with photos of him everywhere so he is never far from their thoughts.  We can't wait till they can come visit the U.S and see the 3 of us.  Hopefully it won't be too long!