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Saturday, January 31, 2009

7 weeks and counting....

Today is our seven week mark, YAY!!!! Another milestone. We are anxiously awaiting our next scan. The Docs keep us regularly posted that our surrogate KT is doing great. She is home resting till her next trip to the clinic sometime this coming week for her 7-8 week ultrasound.

From ParentsConnect online:

Your Baby:

This week your baby's brain is growing at a mind-boggling 100 cells per minute within a see-through skull. If you could peer inside, you'd see those tiny brain cells growing and growing and growing.

More high points include:

Your baby's face is becoming more defined this week. A tiny mouth hole (which will be ready to wail before you know it!), tongue, nostrils and ear indentations are visible. His or her eyes are wide open, but he doesn't have irises (the colored part) yet.
Baby's arm buds are growing. At this point they look more like microscopic ping-pong paddles than arms. Baby's leg buds are also forming and will look like tiny paddles by the end of the week.
The umbilical cord—the connection between your baby and the placenta—is now visible.
Your baby is now between 1/3 and 1/4 inch long—about the length of a Tic Tac and about as heavy as an eyelash. While that sounds tiny, he or she is approximately 10,000 times bigger than at conception. Crazy, huh?

We have plans for dinner tonight with S & J, the local couple who we have been chatting with over the phone. It should be a lot of fun to actually meet people face-to-face who also have a surrogate pregnant in India and share in our feelings and anticipation. I begged S to bring ultrasound photos so we can share in their excitement.

This is a beautiful plaque that I received as a gift from a very special woman I worked with last year. We look at it every day and it truly does give us the inspiration to keep plugging away.