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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy tears!

A wonderful day, but emotionally exhausting. Our day started at 7:00 am and we were scheduled to arrive at the IVF center for 8:30. We arrived right at 8:30 and rushed up to the 2nd floor, and fortunately we got there just in time for our embryo transfer, Whew!!! Dr. Yashodhara met us and called us in to the door of the lab where Dr. Pai was laser hatching our embryos. We got to see them on the screen. How amazing that was! What stories we will be able to tell our child, we saw them as an embryo! We then consulted with both Dr. Pai and Dr. Yash as to our results. We had 4 embryos for transfer. 3 grade A and 1 grade B and the other 2 have been left to divide some more, for a possible 5 day sequential transfer, we will keep you updated on that, just continue to send good wishes and prayers our way.

I encouraged Gerry to go in for the transfer this time as I had the opportunity last time. He was overwhelmed by emotions when Rekha said she would be fine with him going in with her. He was able to hold her hand and stroke her head and she looked up at him and said, 'I am strong.' We both had lots of tears of joy and happiness. When her husband saw us he said not to cry, 'no tension, only smile, God will take care.' We got to visit some after the transfer and noticed that Rekha was wearing the necklace we had brought for her as a gift. She told us, 'My friends gave it to me.' Of course again some more tears!

We got to have lunch with all the clients and a lawyer visiting from Canada who is here to learn all about the process and about surrogacy in general. It was a fun time, as we are now waiting, tomorrow is CK and MK's egg pick up and then SB and RB. We had so much sharing and talking about it all.

Now the hard part! We wait and must realize it is all in God's hands and we have done all that we can to make our dream come true to in the end have a beautiful little angel (or 2) to join our family.