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Monday, September 17, 2012

Our little Fighter!!!

Our last, but most certainly not least, update is our youngest and brightest, Jett. Still our sensitive, shy child, he gets his feelings hurt so easily and is scared of loud or foreign things and noises. I am pretty sure he will end up being a little scrapper though, if his brother and sister don't stop taking his toys from right under his nose. He is just now learning to fight back and although he cries, he gets a good swat or two in first. He will certainly melt your heart with those big brown eyes. His eyes twinkle when he smiles and he is sure to light up the entire room. He takes a few minutes to warm up to you, looking like he is almost on the verge of tears while he takes you in. He hasn't been a fan of men (with the exception of Daddy) and just now has begun to overcome the bottom lip out quivering cry if you so much as look his way. Women have had a much easier time...another ladies man just like his big brother.

One year old...already! 
Is this really the same little boy?

Once he started to crawl there was NO turning back. He took off full throttle and disappears in a blink of an eye. He has quickly inherited the new nickname 'Dozer' as he is like a little bulldozer when he wants something. He puts his head down and goes full force and will barrel down anything in his path to get to it. He has the body of a baby football player. We have decided that he will be our contact sports athlete. :)

Love those eyes.
I don't wanna have a birthday!

He has been the 'first' twin to do most things and blazes the trail for his sister. Talking, crawling, eating and most recently walking. He took his first couple of steps and that was it, he had the hang of it and was taking steps every chance he got. Now he is walking long distances with confidence and just tonight Dylan took her first steps. We are in SO much trouble now!

Up to NO good!

His favorite pastime is playing Smash Up Derby with his siblings. He was getting jealous of Dylan's walker and although they were both not far off from taking their first steps we cracked and got him a walker too. With Blaze in his car and the twins in their walkers, no one is safe! Neyla even knows to run for cover. They zoom about banging into each other and everyone, but manage to maneuver the corners with ease, going in reverse and sideways they amaze us with their walker skills!

The last 'D' in DAD for Father's Day

His hair has grown back in and he has little curls out each side of his head. I look at him and almost daily remember back at what a sick tiny baby he was and I am in awe with how he has become such a happy and healthy little fella. He absolutely loves Nick Jr and Disney Jr. and its a major chore to try and pry his eyes off of the TV when Story Time is on. 

Such a sick little man. :(

Jett is a great eater, although both the twins seem to have the sensitive gag reflex like their older brother did, and so transitioning to solids has proven somewhat of a challenge. They are just now able to tolerate scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, pancakes and any sort of textured foods. Gerber Puffs don't last long in this house. They both go through a container in a matter of days. However, the switch from Similac Sensitive Formula to whole milk was a success at around 11 months for both babies with not even so much as a hiccup.

MMMM cake!
How can we separate such cuteness!
Love saying, 'Good night to Baba!'
 Both babies say, 'Dada', 'Mama', 'Baba' (brother), 'Nana' (Nanny),and 'Hi', but not interested in saying to much more then hearing themselves squeal and scream with delight. They both love to mimic all of us, from making faces, to making sounds and movements. Jett's favorite is when we say, "Yehhhhhh!", he puts both hands high over his head and has learned to yell, "Yehhhhh" too! It always gives us the biggest smile, especially big brother who is really enjoying his growing little brother and sister.

Gosh I LOVE this kid!!!!

He will always be my little FIGHTER and is such a joy to be around. He has become quite a Mommy's boy. He loves (and of course Mommy too) running full force into my arms and burying his head into my chest with a little giggle. I am loving being a Momma and can't imagine my life without my 3 sweet little Angels. Life is good GREAT!!!!

My Angels