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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our little thumb sucker....

What a week we have had... busy, busy, busy!

We received our ultrasound pictures and report on Thursday and found out we are in fact now one week ahead of schedule. So we missed week 13 altogether and moved right into week 14 starting today! Out of all of the ultrasound pictures we received from this last report, this was the best picture we had. We really liked this one since he/she looks like they have their hand or foot in their mouth, AWWWWWW!!. The nasal bone is visible and the heart rate is at 165 bpm. Our new due date is now, drumroll please............ Sept. 16th, 2009.

Yesterday was Gerry's Birthday. We celebrated it at a Japanese Teppanyaki grill (they cook right in front of you) for supper with Mom and Dad and then since it was his special day afterward he decided what he wanted to do... go to a baby store. So off we went to do more window shopping. My actual birthday gift for him is a weekend bed & breakfast get-away to Coronado Island in the San Diego area. It is scheduled for early next month, and I am so proud that I was able to do all of the planning and booking by myself and best of all undetected. He got lots of phone calls and messages and 2 very special calls from our wonderful Doctors, wishing him a very Happy Birthday. Gerry told them they gave him the most wonderful Birthday gift he could ever ask for...'our baby.'

We are busy getting the nursery ready. We have decided on the Fisher Price Rainforest theme, and we are using bright beautiful colors (pictures to follow once we are completed). It is coming along nicely and we are so excited. The closet and shelves are already getting full of toys, onesies, receiving blankets, books, and such. We bought a cute little onesie the other day...we couldn't resist, it was so cute. There are so many cute clothes that we like, even though it is a bit challenging to find them in gender neutral colors. We had lunch today with my good friend Danielle, her hubby and her son. They were here visiting from Texas and she surprised us with a beautiful and very useful baby gift. They got us an infant travel bed, which will totally come in handy when we are in India. I laughed this week when I got a call from one of the girls who used to work with me but recently moved to another job. She called to say she had it marked on her calender that it is now 'okay' to buy baby gifts! Too funny!

We got our first call last week from the SurrogacyIndia add on Gerry's truck. It was really neat. What a wonderful feeling to be able to help others in need. We also have recently been contacted by another local couple who are interested in surrogacy and have so many questions that I have been able to try and answer for them. Hopefully we will get together with them and the other local couple S & J, before they leave to pick up their baby next month.

Frankie had her teeth cleaned last week and the vet found a broken tooth and so they pulled it. She was back to her usual happy self within 24 hours. Poor baby had to have a week of antibiotics, but the peanut butter chaser seemed to cover up the taste pretty well.

We are now counting the days down until my Mom and Dad return to Niagara Falls. It just seems like yesterday that they got here. They have had a fabulous winter and even made time last week for a quick last minute Vegas get-away. We don't want them to leave, but the nice part is when they return next winter, we will have the new addition to our family to greet them.

Kristin, Gerry's daughter, is having a great time in northern India near Nepal, and doesn't want to leave. She says there is so much to do in the orphanage.

So in closing, we leave you with a 13 week ultrasound (not our baby) that truly says it all!