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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Next Chapter - THE BABY CHASE

As most of you know we have never been shy in sharing the story of our journey of surrogacy in India. Newspapers, magazines, even an Apple iPod app...wrote of our journey.  We are proud to tell the world we are the lucky parents of 3 amazing little miracles.  Little did I know that one random email I received from a female writer just 3 short years ago, asking us to do just that, 'share our story', would forever change our lives. 
I gave her the link to our blog (like I had so many times before to various readers who had reached out to us), and said, 'well here's our blog, If you think our story is what you are looking for then let us know how we can help.'  We talked for what seemed like hours our first initial phone conversation.  After hanging up the phone, out of curiosity, I started to Google her name, Leslie Morgan-Steiner.  Only to discover, much to my amazement (and somewhat embarrassment) that this woman writer was not just anyone, but a New York Times Best Selling author of the memoir Crazy Love and the anthology Mommy Wars. 

Meeting Leslie has truly been an honor and a pleasure for me. Not only is she a brilliant author but one of the most kind, wonderful and inspirational women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  For 3 years our family has been a part of her everyday work and she in-turn has become a part of our family.  She has learned some of our most intimate secrets and shared in our journey of devastating losses and abundance joys.
We first met Mothers Day 2011 when she traveled to Arizona to meet our little family of 3. Blaze was just 20 months old and the twins were five months from our second surrogate's due date. Talking with Leslie was so effortless. She made the often intrusive world of 'media interviews' seem so comfortable. It was like talking to an old friend.  Over the years we have had family gatherings, numerous phone conversations, dozens of emails and text messages with random crazy questions and reminiscing with much laughter and tears.

She even traveled with us to India and shared in one of our most precious life-changing moments, the birth of our twins Dylan & Jett (who took us all by surprise and scurrying to make last minute flights when they decided to make an early arrival).

 It truly seems like yesterday Leslie (who immediately became his absolute best friend) was walking hand in hand with Blaze at the Phoenix Zoo.

So here we are now come full circle. Her book featuring our family - THE BABY CHASE- How Surrogacy is Transforming the American Family from St. Martins Press is set to be published this November 12, 2013.
(AND is already being sold on Amazon for pre-orders.)
When I first saw the cover it was very surreal! What is my simple little family's picture doing plastered on the front cover of a book written by an acclaimed writer??? It was really happening... after years of sharing our tale and her endless hours work, it was finally all coming together and there it was in print for the world to see.  I couldn't be more proud to have been part of her work.
We are about to enter another crazy roller-coaster ride this fall with the release of the The Baby Chase. Reviews, controversy, media spotlight, it's all about to hit us head on.  
My hope is simple:
That Leslie's eloquent writings will help others gain knowledge and understanding of the trials of infertility and see that surrogacy in India can be a very positive and wonderful experience for all involved. 
That maybe it will reach through the pages and touch another life and give them hope in making their dreams of family a reality. 
Or maybe just a great "feel good story" showing that dreams (if you wish hard enough) really can come true.
So many of you, our blog readers/followers have been along for our ride and a part of our journey from the very beginning.  We hope you read the book, and know that when you do, a part of it includes YOU, our cheering squad, our outlet to vent, our inspiration, our solace, our blog land family. 
Thank you for being a part of our lives for the last 5 years and thanks for being apart of our story our BABY CHASE.