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Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's the little things in life that make you smile!

This week, as each day passes we wonder how KT is and how the Docs are doing with so many clients to take care of all at once . Tonight we got an unexpected phone call from Dr. Sudhir while he was sitting in the infamous cafe at Lilavati Hospital. Both him and Dr. Yash had just one more egg retrieval to do after a very long and busy week. He sounded so exhausted and we are certain that Dr. Yash is feeling the same. They work so hard and give 110% to each and every client. But I don't need to tell that to those of you that know them!! It was wonderful to hear his voice and it really made our evening. He said KT was 'feeling well and is very happy, and her husband is a very nice man and also very happy.' Those little bits of information are the things that allow us to picture in our minds how our pregnancy is progressing acrosss the miles.
We found some great surrogacy themed t-shirts on the internet on We are both so very proud and excited about our journey and the fact that we are having a baby. Gerry's t-shirt got a few funny looks tonight as we went out for supper with my Mom and Dad. I wonder if people understand it when they read it?

There are so many clients of Surrogacy India now in the 2 week wait. We can't wait to hear the great news on many positive pregnancy's in the coming weeks. (Jojo and Jackie you are not far from our thoughts)

Tomorrow our plans are to go and see the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" It has gotten such great reviews and seeing it i'm sure will bring back so many memories that we got to personally experience in Mumbai. We will be sure to give you all our personal opinion of the movie once we see it.