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Monday, January 5, 2009

How many more days?

You would think that after serving in 2 wars, having over 5300 parachute jumps and choosing a career where I look forward to running into burning buildings while others are running out, that I wouldn't be one bit nervous. Well I am!!! This 2 week wait is killing me. I am constantly asking Rhonda if she heard anything or received any emails from the docs, knowing full well that it has only been a few days. I find most of my day thinking about what I would do with our baby, or babies. Where would I take them, what will they need, what cool toys will I get them (watch out if they are boys!!) all just random thoughts. Rhonda and I on Saturday went and did a little shopping, had lunch and then wandered around a new outdoor shopping plaza that is close to where we live. It was a bit cool and overcast which was nice, since the daily 100 degree temperatures are just around the corner. At either end of the outdoor mall was a sitting area with chairs and couches and also a very large gas fireplace. We went and got an ice cream to share and sat in front of the fire and talked, mostly about baby stuff and passed the time by thinking of baby names for both boys and girls. We both agree that we want to have names that are unique, since our children will be unique and very special. Even though we have had 2 previous failed attempts, I try and remain positive, that is what keeps me going. Rhonda on the other hand is a bit more reserved, she, like most of the other woman suffering from infertility, have grown up with the dreams of always wanting to be a mother, but have encountered obstacles along the way, so being a bit reserved is understandable. I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to read about our journey on our blog and especially those of you that have taken the extra time to leave a comment. Those comments bring so much happiness to us, I can't begin to tell you how much. Seeing the smile on Rhonda's face after reading them gives me such a wonderful feeling. What a great feeling it is to know that so many people have a part to play in each others journey's, we all truly aren't alone. I believe that we are going to get a positive this time, and at supper tonight my fortune cookie was a sign of good news to come.

Oh, and once again speaking of being nervous. When Rhonda and I got home tonight, she was checking her email and blog as she does each day and I was in the other room putting stuff away, when she called out "there's babies". I immediately thought that it was news from the docs about us, but quickly learned that it was pictures of the newly arrived twins. Fantastic news, congratulations to the parents. It's back to waiting, I guess our news will come in time.